Why Spirituality Cannot Help You Overcome Your Ego Issues

Many people complain that they cannot get along with someone or their family members or friends constantly attack them. We often try to reason with them or extort some explanation about why they should love our friend or relative more than they should.

It is always a bit of a put-down on them by us, and we think they are wrong to think this way. Why do we think they are wrong?

This is because we live in our ego and see the world through our ego’s eyes.

Those who depend on others for their very survival are regularly told that they are unlovable, unworthy, and not good enough.

Many Christians are even taught to put down others whom they do not think as highly of as themselves.

Examples could be the homeless person who seeks to ask you for money to feed their family, the crack addict who is afraid of getting homeless again or the person who is convinced that they are sinners.

Skim through any magazine related to spirituality, and the list could easily be endless.

Almost all of them highlight the ego as the source of both our fears and our most cherished desires.

We make ego the center to focus on instead of the source of our outcoming.

What is the Source of the Ego?

It is what we have been basing our interpretation of the world and ourselves on instead of on the true meaning of reality.

Ego is a stream of false ideas and perceptions that we get from others.

What exactly does that mean?

Others generally interpret reality according to their personal experiences and are thus seeing the world according to the ego.

The religious term means that the teachings or revelations of a master are taken as the ultimate truth.

This means that what is seen as the truth is often what the person does not want to see or accept.

What is the Ego?

It is an idea we create about ourselves to have the fullness of life, it seems.

It is also the part of us that creates the separation from the rest of the world. We often view ourselves as superior to others.

We often see the world as flawed and have an attitude of superiority, which has given us a way as the center of the world and God.

What is the point of Spirituality?

Why work towards something which could one day become a part of our future? The answer is because we are imperfect people.

The past binds us into an impatient and controlling temper, which is often seen as arrogance.

We are quick to trust in what we do not have and slow to what we do. The ego helps us to do both, but at the same time, it rationalizes our defects by saying that we are unique and have to deal with what the rest of the world has not yet understood.

The ego helps us to cope with the imperfections in our personality, but at the same time, it puts a lot of pressure on us.

This is counteracting all the positive traits which we should have.

Looking at what the ego does to us, we see that the ego is at work most constructively, seeing the need to clean up the acts that we consider unwholesome.

As a result, we hopefully end up being the people we are meant to be, loving, kind, understanding, tolerant, and courageous.

Through this process, we can forgive ourselves for our imperfections and be reborn as the people we are meant to be. In this way, we end up with the fruit of the Spirit instead of the works of the flesh.

Aspect of Spirituality: See the World as it Really is

Redefining yourself in terms of wholeness and not as a stereotype is an example of the outer we often reflect while walking down our street.

When we define ourselves as depressed, sad, lost, lonely, angry, or successful, we limit what we can be.

This is also why many spiritual practices rely on a change of perspective, which shifts our notion of who we are to wholeness.

When we do not have any perspective on ourselves, our lives will be hard.

Living a life of disorder will be tough on us. We need to find the faith and courage to be the person we were created to be.

We can be renewed and make the previous persons, places, and things reachable again.