3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night

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I had a charming conversation with my three-year-old right before he went to sleep tonight. I talk to my three-year-old very often right before he goes to sleep, so I thought I’d share what we talked about.  In addition to bringing comfort to my heart, I believe that these conversations are also helping pave the … Read more

Children Are NOT Commodities!

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I don’t usually write a post showcasing another blogger’s post, but this one is worth it. My friend Brittany from The Lily Field, wrote a refreshing, and humorous post proving that it’s possible to raise a child without spending almost $250,000 per child as they grow. Head over and read Brittany’s post – you’ll get some good … Read more

When Your Child Talks Back…

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Has your child started talking back? First, remember that this is a normal part of growing up, and often indicates that your child is developing mentally and emotionally, learning how to express themselves, and establishing personal limits. Second, help your child learn when and in what ways they are able to express themselves effectively without … Read more

Why Your Child Lies and How You Can Help Them

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Parents can pretty get frustrated if their child lies. It worries because we rely on our child telling the truth to know about what they’re doing, thinking and feeling, especially for times when we aren’t right with them. We also don’t like seeing our kids start bad habits. Children lie for different reasons at different ages. Understanding why … Read more

Teaching your Child to Choose Friends Wisely

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If you haven’t seen Leave It to Beaver, you might enjoy screening an episode or two. Netflix has this show available. In addition to all the laughs, there is a lot I like about how this show portrays family life. Specifically: Within well-defined guidelines and parameters, children are free to express themselves and develop their … Read more

Happy Falls Coloring Pages

4 kids drawing together and writing

I don’t know about yours, by our kid’s LOVE drawing and coloring. And coloring. And coloring some more. It’s such a simple activity, but it keeps them focused, helps them develop their fine motor skills, lets them explore the colors and color combinations, and brings out their creativity at the same time. One of those … Read more