Decluttering Your Soul: How to Free Your Mind and Heart in the New Year

I thought of doing a new year’s resolution post a few days ago but decided against it. I stopped because I’m bad at keeping resolutions, at least in the traditional sense, and mostly because there are so many already out there.

I have tried to simplify my life rather than add one new thing each year, so that I can be the wife, mother and Christian that I hope to be. 

With so much competing for our attention in life, I believe this process of decluttering your soul is crucial if you want to be meaningful in your loved ones’ lives.

1. Identify your priorities. 

I’m not talking about task-oriented priorities. I am speaking of your life priorities and motivations. I prioritize everything into the following order: God first, family second, everything else third.

When it comes to “everything else,” I try to be realistic with my expectations and what I can achieve to avoid unnecessary frustration.

2. Let go of unnecessary stuff. 

When life gets too crowded, it’s ok to let some things go, or put them on the back burner for a while, from the “everything else” category. 

Things like watching too much television, participating in too many extracurricular activities, or devoted to too many hobbies.

It’s hard, but I’ve never regretted the times I stepped back from social media or put stuff on hold for me and my family.

3. Live in the truth. 

This liberates us from the worries we have about how others perceive us, beating ourselves up for real or imaginary faults, or over-exaggerating our own importance, whether for good or ill, in a given situation. 

We can live simply and freely if we mainly recognize our value in God’s eyes, along with an awareness of our own faults.

Changing our priorities and letting go of a few items we no longer need allows us to significantly free up our minds and hearts to focus on what matters most in life.