Children Are NOT Commodities!

I don’t usually write a post showcasing another blogger’s post, but this one is worth it. My friend Brittany from The Lily Field, wrote a refreshing, and humorous post proving that it’s possible to raise a child without spending almost $250,000 per child as they grow. Head over and read Brittany’s post – you’ll get some good laughs and food for thought and, if you’re like those of us that will NEVER have $250,000 to spend per child, you’ll know you aren’t alone.

Brittany’s post got me to thinking more about how society views children. The whole concept of trying to determine how much a child costs and whether or not they are affordable is pretty nervy of CNN and the Department of Agriculture, if you ask me! The assumption that a parent should calculate the cost of a child that way implies that the child is a commodity.

Commodities can be desired or not depending on circumstances. They can have a price put to them. They can out price themselves. They can be acquired at whim, and we can dispose of them if we find a flaw. They exist to please us and aren’t necessary if we don’t want them.

Sadly, this truly is the way our society as a whole has come to view children. They are dispensable. They can be acquired or disposed of by whim. They have and many believe they have out priced themselves.

But kids are anything but a commodity. They are an essential, and very needed part of society, and man has been succeeding at raising children for millennium, even before the existence of money. Fiscal responsibility is important, but as many of us who are successfully raising kids on a tighter budget than CNN would approve of know, it is quite possible to raise a child frugally but happily. Often raising a child isn’t really an issue of fiscal responsibility – it’s a question of priorities. What would we rather have – a simpler life with kids, or a more convenient life without them?

Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but children are ESSENTIAL. Although we’ve become a fairly adult centered world, sometimes focused more on our generation than on what we leave behind for the next, none of us would be here if we hadn’t been children first. No one would be here in the future either, if it weren’t for children.

The next time you see your child, hug them a little tighter. Thank God for them. Remember that they are precious. They are essential. You might be pinching pennies to care for them, but that’s OK. Don’t count the “cost” – they are NOT a commodity, and your relationship with them is worth much more than the extra money you could have in the bank if you had one less. And, speak an encouraging word to parents you know that want kids but might be a little hesitant because of the “expense”. Show them that it’s not only possible, but WORTH IT!