Asking For Help [Guardian Angel]

A guardian angel is something so powerful that it can help you with any situation. They are there to protect and guide us in all aspects of our lives, from the most trivial things to life or death situations. Guardian angels are always around us and they watch over us at every moment. 

Ask for the presence of guardian angels

Ask for the presence of guardian angels, ask them to come in front of your eyes. Ask them to be your guardian angels and to take care of you. If you have a problem, ask them to help you. You will see how helpful they are. This is what we call prayer.

Meditate on guardian angels

If you want to meditate about guardian angels, you need to think of your guardian angels as if they were already protecting you. Think of them like this: “My guardian angel protects me when I am asleep.” Then, you should imagine your guardian angels

Visualize yourself as an angel

Visualizing yourself as an angel will help you understand more clearly who your guardian angel is and why he/she protects you. When you visualize yourself as an angel, you are actually visualizing yourself as your guardian angel. In other words, when you picture yourself as an angel, you are actually picturing your guardian angel as well. It’s important to remember that while you’re visualizing yourself as an angel, you still need to feel connected to your guardian angel as well.

Spread your Wings

Spread your wings, and you will learn to fly! Spread your wings and fly away from your problems. Fly away from your worries, your fears, your anger, and everything else you don’t wish to deal with. Fly away until you reach a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

Call out to guardian angels

Call out to your guardian angels, asking them to please come and rescue you. Asking them to rescue you may sound silly, but it works. Call out to your guardian angels and tell them that you need their protection, guidance, and wisdom. 

A guardian angel is standing in front of you

Imagine that the guardian angel is standing in front of you. He’s smiling at you. He wants to help you, and he wants to give you his strength and power. The guardian angel knows exactly how to help you.

Be Grateful

Think of all the good things that happened to you today. Be grateful for those things and thank God for them.

Be thankful for guardian angels

Thank God for having such wonderful guardian angels watching over you. Thank God for your guardian angels. Let Him know how much you appreciate them by telling him how much they mean to you.

Remember that guardian angels love you unconditionally – Guardian angels are very special creatures because they do not judge us, they only love us. They accept us just as we are. They never say negative things about us. Their job is simply to love us and protect us.

Look at this angel

Look at this angel with your heart and imagine that he/she is your guardian angel! Look into his/her beautiful face and smile. Feel happy and calm. Take a deep breath and relax.

You can also use this image to pray for yourself or someone else. Just change the name of the person. For example, if you want to send some prayers to your family members, then add their names to the prayer. Try to send positive thoughts to them using these images and make sure to include your own name too, so that you can receive a blessing back. 

Ask Out Loud for Help

Get it out and on paper – or ask loud and clear to your guardian angel to help you. Write down what you need, and let your guardian angel hear it. Find a peaceful place in nature and write down what you need. You can even get a piece of paper and draw a picture of what you need. If you don’t have any paper nearby, just think about what you need and then talk to your guardian angel about it.

Write down your request for help

Write down your requests. Ask your guardian angel to help you solve whatever problem you have. Ask your guardian angel to guide you through difficult situations. You can write down your requests in different ways.


Angels want to help. They are love and goodness itself. Angels always try to be kind, gentle, understanding, and helpful. But sometimes, we cannot see them. We should take our time, and trust them. Angels want to help us. They want to guide us. So why not call upon them? Why not ask them to help us?

Have you ever thought about calling an angel? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about it for quite some time now. Maybe there’s something in your life that you’re worried about. Asking an Angel for help is never wrong and will give you so much more!