Are Angels Stronger than Greek Gods?

Angels perform tasks that would be impossible for human beings. They can travel anywhere instantly through time and space (heaven). They can witness events across the world (earth) at any given moment. Angels can transmit messages to people without being overheard. Angels can heal the sick or wounded by their mere touch, move objects with a simple gesture. All while never getting tired or hungry.

One could say angels are stronger than Greek Gods because they are more the messengers or sent by God. Greek Gods were not working for one cause but followed their own will.

Angels are messengers sent by God

Angels are messengers sent by God, who do not have any free will but follow the will of the Highest.

Greek gods were independent beings that did whatever they pleased. On the other hand, angels know that they work towards one goal: to bring glory to God.

The Bible says, “all angels are ministering spirits, sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.” Hebrews 1:14. This tells us that angels are not Gods but servants of God. 

Greek Gods are … Gods

Greek Gods are common in Greek mythology. They played a significant role in people’s lives. Zeus is the king of all Gods and was worshiped by people. One of his children, Hercules, had to go on many labors to get rid of all these creatures that Zeus had created.

On the other hand, in Christianity, there are stories from saints who have been saved from natural disasters by angels – they have been pulled out from an avalanche or tsunami.

Angels are messengers sent by God. They do not have any free will but follow the will of the Highest; Zeus and the other Greek Gods do whatever pleases them. This, in my opinion, would put them above angels power-wise. Nevertheless – they were divided amongst each other and even fought against one another.

Angels are always ready to serve and thus do not fight amongst each other (loving peace). So, in my opinion, they would be better role models because of this.

The Bible says, “all angels are ministering spirits, sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.” Hebrews 1:14.

Many of the Greek Gods were later adopted by the Romans. The Romans gave them new names, but the gods basically remained the same. Their names were just Romanized.

If Angels Fight Against The Greek Gods – Who Wins?

When the Greek Gods would fight against angels, it is not about how strong or weak they are because all of them have different powers. It is more about what side you’re on – if angels win, you will be following God’s will and if the Greek Gods win, there’s nothing to say for sure what your destiny would be.

Greek gods usually had to meddle with humans and their affairs, but angels never did. So you see, the Greek Gods would be more relevant to you than angels because they protect people during disasters or accidents and follow your fate.

Though if it were a matter of strength alone, then in my opinion I’d say that angels are stronger. That is because they could always rely on the power and love of one God – God is supposedly always stronger than any other being.


Angels are not Gods, but they can do things that no human being could. They’re capable of flying through space and time (Heaven), seeing global occurrences at any given moment, communicating without being discovered, curing the sick or wounded simply by touching them, transporting goods with a wave of their hand while never becoming weary or hungry.

I think angels are stronger than Greek gods because they work for one purpose – to bring glory to God. This is in opposition to how Zeus and other Greeks gods would go about doing whatever pleased them when it came down to whether people worshipped them or not.