Are Angels Friendly?

Angels are not necessarily friendly beings. They are messengers from God, and they’re there to deliver messages from God. Generally, the view of angels is that they watch over us and keep us safe. They aren’t often depicted as fighting on our behalf or anything like that, although some think that some guardian angels might fight on our behalf.

So are Angels friendly? Well, in a sense, they are – because God is Love. And the message delivered by Angels is either helping or protecting us.

Angels are messengers from God

Angels are messengers from God. They don’t always come to bring you good news, but they’re there to deliver the message that God has sent for us. The Bible teaches that guardian angels protect and guide us wherever we go.

They also help people with things like prayer and comfort people who are sad or dying. But the aspect of being the messenger is by far the most critical aspect of the angel.

Some messengers may be human, but God has his own angels. These are created spirits that live because of him. The Bibel Chapter 20 of the Book of Enoch mentions the following Angels:

  1. Michael
  2. Raphael
  3. Gabriel
  4. Uriel
  5. Saraqael
  6. Remiel

Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Joel.

“I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand in the glorious presence of the Lord, ready to serve him.”

Source: Deuterocanonical Book of Tobit

Angels are created by God.

Angels are creatures of heaven who worship and praise God. They serve as his servants, messengers, and companions to those living on Earth (that are willing and able to see). Angels do not have physical bodies as humans do. People sometimes think that angels look like humans, but it’s not true. Only the angels that guard over us have a physical presence to keep us safe and help people in need.

The Bible talks about angels a lot, but that doesn’t mean all of them are excellent or friendly beings. Some are evil, like Satan (which is an angel himself). Different types of demons work against angels – or in a sense, against God the Almighty.

What is The Purpose of Angels

One of the primary purposes for the angels in the Bible is to serve as a message giver from God to others. They bring messages about coming events or essential truths, events that can change someone’s life for good or bad, and establish truths about heaven and Earth.

An Angel is a spiritual being that has not yet been introduced to the human world as such. The word angel can refer to messengers from God or refer more generally to the beings themselves.

Angels are also known as ‘spiritual beings .’ They appear in the Bible as powerful supernatural entities with wings, superhuman. They are not human, although they may appear to be at times, and can certainly take on human form when it suits their purposes.

Guardian Angels

Some Angels are also known as ‘guardian angels‘ because they watch over humans in the world. They guide us when we’re uncertain or afraid, remind us that God is with us always. Guardian Angel’s purpose is not being friendly to you – but to guide you, help you, or stop you from doing things that are bad for you.

An Angel is by itself not friendly. But it does things that are meant positively and helping way – Its purpose is friendly, the action maybe not so much.

Can angels be considered “friendly” in some sense? 

The Bible depicts them as messengers who are just delivering messages from God, and their role is to watch over the faithful. Angels are not nice beings – they’re just there to deliver messages.

Consider, for example, that two different angels – one who brings good news about something and one who brings bad news about something – can represent both caring and cruelty. That is to say that angels are generally seen as people who care about us, but at the same time, they’re also seen as servants of a higher power with a strict sense of morality.

Angels are not always friendly beings. Angels don’t come bearing good news all the time – sometimes angels have a message that can change someone’s life for better or worse.

The Bible teaches us guardian angels protect and guide humans wherever they go. Some of these spiritual entities may be human, but most are created by God himself.

In the Bible, angels are depicted as powerful supernatural entities with wings, superhuman. But an angel is a spiritual being -neither friendly nor unfriendly. It is what it needs to be. Nothing more and nothing less.