We from “EyesOnHeaven” are all about spirituality. We firmly believe that humankind’s minds are superior to just the profane flesh and blood.

We believe that our minds resemble our spirit and consequently our soul.

Our souls can and eventually will leave our imperfect body – will join the endless ocean of great minds, spirits, and souls, reunite and exist on their own – a consciousness above and higher than ordinary individuals.

We take care to publish different thoughts and ideas. We won´t restrict ourselves to just what one might find truthful and right.

Our thoughts are not limited to a certain Religion – We truly believe that religion is nothing more than a tool to gain access to your spiritual inner self.

What humankind can think had been the source and foundation for many inventions. What formerly was fiction or “nonsense” – now is the truth.

If you have a story – idea – or thought to share – contact us! We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.