You Can’t “Fake” Fall


Autumn starts in just a few days, and it’s still averaging 95-100 F midday here in Iraq… considerably cooler than the midsummer average, but not exactly “fall” weather. Every time this month comes along, I feel a twinge of nostalgia for a real autumn.

I can recreate some fall atmosphere in the house… apple cider, spiced baked goods, pumpkin things, fall decorations… but when we’re still using the AC inside and sweating outside, it’s hard to trick myself into really feeling like fall.

You just can’t fake it – forests ablaze with color, crisp, colorful piles of leaves, nippy air, frost, apple orchards and pumpkin patches, roadside farms harvesting fall goods…

I miss these things.

When “fall” weather really does reach us, we’ll only get a week or two of it before we’re in the middle of winter, and even then, we won’t enjoy the same fall beauty.

I’m not complaining. I’m happy living here, and it’s the best place for our family right now… but I am missing fall.

For those of you currently enjoying early fall festivities, enjoy them!

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