Winter Cuteness – Sneak Preview – REINDEER HATS!

I know we’re still a few months away from cold weather, but I’ve been fitting in some winter crafting now, while I have a little spare time before school starts…

One of my ideas: matching winter hats for our little ones! We don’t usually dress them in matching outfits, but I thought matching hats would be cute while they’re still little… I found a wonderful pattern over at Repeat Crafter Me… adjusted it a little bit (yarn color, stitch gauge, etc.), and voilà! I think it turned out pretty well!

  Reindeer Hat!

I can’t wait to get pictures of Charbel and Paul running around in these a few months from now!

2 thoughts on “Winter Cuteness – Sneak Preview – REINDEER HATS!

  1. Ellen that’s adorable bet the boys will look so cute. You sure are talented with your crafts and baking. Best Wishes.

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