Why God Allowed Religions and False Gods to Fool the World

We don’t need a God at our point in human civilization because we have discovered our own limitations. We are perfectly capable of creating our own religions if we so choose.

Religions are the creations of man. They are the false gods that defend and protect humans from their real selves.

Those who have a lot of time on their hands misinterpreted those ancient beliefs to suit their own purposes.

The Supreme Being we say we are simply the limited human mind and its interpretation of the Infinite.

Defense Mechanism

Religions were formed to explain the illogical aspects of the world. The reality is that we can’t understand the world at all and we only relate to it through our own limitations.

Religions act as a barrier to that which is beyond the physical. They offer a plausible explanation for that which we cannot see and feel.

The Infinite Universe

The universe has no beginning and no end…

Well, that’s true, but only to those who don’t recognize that they are an interpretation of the infinite.

To others, it is a dated interpretation that only an intellectual mind can arrive at. Actually, the universe has no beginning or end. It is infinite, but it also does not start or end.

Science and Neurology

Perhaps something that is not fully understood. At a basic level, science and religion are the same.

  • At a higher level, they are not. At that level, science is the outcome of religion, and at a deeper level, they are the same.
  • At that level, science is the intuition of the infinite universe, and at a more basic level, they are the same.
  • At that level, they can actually coexist because it is all made up of the same stuff.

Many people cannot explain why they feel the way they feel. They see others as a whole not realizing that each and every one of them is part of the same universe. Yes

They cling to organized religion to relate to the divine while denying the divinity in all people. To these types, their feelings are fundamental to their experience of the world.

They seek confirmation of what they have been told, feel, and experience, and ignore the rest.

Unfortunately, people like this have created a world that is not whole.

Religions can offer them a partial truth. Unfortunately, religion is also a way to remove themselves from the world and world events that show up in our lives.

By creating this false feeling, they can remove themselves from the infinite universe’s experience and focus on just the religious part, which to them is the whole experience.

Predestinated, science will never embrace a belief system that is laden with doubt.

Faith in Religion or Belief in Something Greater

Faith is personal. Each person has faith in a religion or belief system that applies to them.

There is faith that God created the Earth, but his tools have malfunctioned.

Faith is the commitment to not pursue the investigation of truth unless the evidence and reason are weighed and understood.

This is not the same as believing in a certain doctrine over the understanding of it.

One Faith is the One God, each of us is unique creations of God.

True faith believes that whatever the universe holds as true to life is so much else that it could not be further from the truth.

The universe speaks only of truth about its own perception of things.

Each of us has a different perception, and we are all correct. The universe may say that 2+2=5.

It is not a doctrine or sacred text by any means. Faith is not a secure doctrine either.

One of the greatest human disasters was the loss of faith. People lost everything dear to them, and television taught us that faith could not be preserved.

I am not contesting the value of faith. I am merely suggesting that the evidence of faith is not in the specific doctrine or sacred text but in how we all believe.

The evidence of God is more convincing than that of any religious tradition.

The piece of evidence that is most compelling is the continuous rise and fall of the earth that is totally natural to the scientific mind.

When the scientific world looks at the earth, it sees a great natural phenomenon. When unreligious people look at the earth they see only a natural phenomenon.

Faith is the assurance of things unseen but realized in the natural world.

For all the scientific explanations of the universe, the most logical explanation is the theory of evolution.