Why Are You Still Affected by Your Old Emotions?

…if the addiction is gone or control has been lifted.

If you have struggled with the same emotions, or even experienced a shift in your emotions, then it’s time to turn your life around and become the person God meant you to be.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be able to move on from those issues.

1. Your old behaviors are just manifestations of the same old emotions.

When you were in the abuse, you may have been very verbal with people, used a harsh tone, and were emotionally crushed. Now that you are healed, these behaviors are manifestations of the hurt you experienced. However, don’t be confused into believing that it is all you are now because there is still an old pain with issues intact.

Whether you experienced being abused as a child, or as an adult in an emotionally disturbing situation, the emotions and behaviors are still present.

It is not a Message; rather, it is reminder. Be open to receiving messages about what is right for you and go with the flow of God’s directions.

2. Forgiveness is a key to healing.

Even though the abuse did not involve actual injury or abuse upon your body or person, the emotions that resulted from the situation are still present.

The longer you kept the memories of the incident, the more difficult your healing process will be.

However, the memories and feelings will be less emotionally painful and instead serve as memories when you were emotionally devastated.

It is important to forgive because your healing makes it easier for the next time the same emotions or issues come up.

It enables you to be prepared for the other aspects of the situation that may develop. It also allows you to have an endpoint in mind when you do experience the situation again.

3. Strengthening will help you be emotionally resilient in future situations.

When you were emotionally weak, you were less able to protect yourself. Your mind was repetitious because of your previous experiences, and you consistently chose the same response regardless of what was presented.

People who have been ill have shown us this. Instead of changing to a more healthy way of thinking, our thinking has become mechanical, such as a quick fix.

When the need to feel better or be better addressed, you quickly repeat the old mechanical responses. This further strengthens your inclination or addiction.

After you strengthen the ability to think more clearly, your new thinking becomes more creative.

Unlike thoughts that come only when you feel good (automatically or because you want to), your thoughts can be directive.

That is why people who are exposed to certain words or ideas can see a whole new world.

4. You will have a better understanding of yourself.

When you were in the abuse, your understanding of the world and the people around you was purely based on the information you saw or taught by others.

You didn’t see the larger picture perspective of all the possibilities and what was truly best for you.

You didn’t understand the nature of each person and what each needed to be happy.

Through your healing journey, you begin to discover that your original perception was not true.

Your higher understanding opens the door to see the world as it really is.

You will no longer be trapped in the old mechanical thinking. Your heart will open and be more compassionate because you see the world as it actually is.

5. You will appreciate and love nature.

Be in natural surroundings wherever possible. Avoid cities, highways, and busyness unless you can stand and Communicate easily with the Great Spirit. While sitting, be quiet.

This will help you connect with your higher self and gain better intuition.

If the idea of ending the struggle is a Hail Mary pass, then it’s time to turn it over to higher forces.

The weight is with the Angels and your higher self to help you through. You are not alone.

Walkthrough this and be open to the fact that your higher self is actually helping you.

While you are transcending into a higher level of consciousness, have trouble going back to the old ways?

Counseling Findings

Imagination is a useful tool to connect with your guidance, and in the process, you also see the evidence of their presence.

Maintaining an open mind and accepting the possibility of something greater than yourself present the opportunity to see the world differently.

Intuitive Memories, both in life and in meditation will help you to truly see auras and the dimensions that exist behind and beyond the shield of the body.