When Less Is More: The Importance of a Full Night’s Sleep


I’m sure my husband and I aren’t the only ones who have so many responsibilities and interests that we sometimes wish each day lasted 27 hours instead of 24. We both work fulltime at the school, play with Charbel and Paul (almost 3 and almost 2) and take care of the house. In addition, I love crafting, homemaking, baking and blogging, and Eddy loves graphic design and working on websites. Needless to say, we also both have social network accounts and like taking time to browse Facebook and read news articles. Way too many activities to fit in a day!

Our natural tendency is to find more time at night – stay up just a little later to get that blog post written or design finished or craft complete. This happens at the expense of relaxing and getting a good night of sleep.

Recently we’ve decided to change our routine and be stricter with ourselves about choosing sleep over productivity. Not because we want to get less done, but because we’ve realized that we can actually get more done when we forego certain individual accomplishments to be more successful overall.

Don’t get me wrong – we were not “all-nighters”, and we aren’t going to bed excessively early, but we are getting a good 1 – 1 ½ hours of sleep more than before.

With more sleep, we feel more relaxed in general, which makes us more energetic during the day. It also makes us more cheerful in general, and makes it easier for us to deal with normal toddler difficulties that arise with our kids. Since we’re more refreshed, we succeed better at what we do during the day, and less is left to do at night.

Granted, it’s still impossible to do everything we want to, but, to be honest, we’re NEVER going to be able to do everything we want – two extra hours at night might let us get a little extra work done, but don’t make or break our productivity level.

They can, however, make or break our spirit for the next day. And to be honest, it’s even arguable that in spite of completing an extra activity, being night owls actually makes us less productive. Being tired the next day prevents us from completing our daytime activities well.

Here’s to more full nights of sleep that let all of us be better parents, professionals, friends and Christians the next day!

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