What is Spirituality – Why Do We Need It?

to religion, especially the eastern religions. Spirituality is not religious in the sense that we wear a uniform and follow a set of rules.

Rather it is spiritual in the sense that it is free from fixed beliefs and principles. Spirituality is the essence of life without the confines of formal religion.

Spirituality is not akin to some blind faith we can’t see, but rather it is the effective knowledge of what we can’t see with our physical eyes.

A spiritual person’s action is centered on discovering what he or she can’t see.

Using the available evidence points the knowledge to reason and find creative solutions to collective and individual problems, whatever they may be.

The deed of a creative person is to find a creative solution to the people concerned’s wants to satisfy the people they are dealing with.

The scriptures tell us that people’s happiness is the main criterion for anything in life.

If a person doesn’t create nor live by a spiritual code of conduct, you can easily see that his or her life will be meaningless because happiness is not inherent in a human being’s nature.

A person’s metabolism is a biological engine, and therefore the fuel to run this powerful engine needs a reliable fuel source.

Therefore, a person’s spirit has no choice but to align itself with religion or some other authority to sustain the physical body.

What Is Spirituality In Religion

Since it is a spirit that creates the physical body both in the material world and in the spirit world, spiritualism is a religion that believes in this unseen spirit.

What concerns us most are not the buildings, rituals, and practices of spiritualism that we have been engaging in since time immemorial.

But rather the building of a powerful force to rule the world, which is the collective essence of all human beings.

The steps to attain this ultimate goal of achieving trust and security in society started with the first human being aware of his oneness of him and the environment in which he was living in.

He was aware of this unifying bond between all living beings. He was living at a time when the species of Humans was coming face to face with the reality of their natural environment.

The first Humans on planet earth were such powerful, playful creatures with an understanding of Self.

The play was their agenda, not mine. I was not the one to impress upon them the importance of thinking.

Behaviour Standard Set by Nature?

Their thinking was that they could use their thoughts to conquer, manipulate, and subdue other living creatures.

The play was the order of the day. And their Behavior Standard was set by Nature because play is the foundation of survival.

So when we look at Humans and other living creatures, we see them as moderately complex machines.

We think that Humans are highly developed beings having extraordinary intellect.

But in reality, that is a myth. Humans are just poor unthinking automatons with enormous collective amnesia.

We see a highly developed creature that uses symbolic cues to know itself when we look at ourselves.

But these symbolic cues are only valid and partially true when the other conscious entities around that subject are also fully aware. The best reference to human behavior is also the behavior of the animals.

The animals are true living creatures, and their behavior is only partially logical. Other living creatures use this partially true information to know something other conscious entity doesn’t know.

How Does Spirituality Help Form The Conscience

The collective consciousness of Humans and other animals create the awesome power of Symbolic Actions.

Playing with powerful symbols becomes a beautiful experience. You have total control over the decisions you make.

You can reach a special level of super-conscious awareness and assume Symbolic Actions’ power with the proper training.

When favorable conditions arise, those rewards are waiting for us. Many bad situations will transform into beneficial situations. Imagine you are a ship in a storm, and all around you, a storm is blowing against the force of your impending doom.

What do you do? The simple answer is to throw your anchor out to the shore. You just become aware of the powerful Membrane of the Storm, heralding the wonderful experiences.

This is an awesomely powerful experience with meditational natures.

In previous articles, I have talked about meditations I used to get in touch with the divine. I have described a certain meditation style, which ends with thinking about the thoughts you want to answer and seeing those thoughts’ results.