Top 10 Moments of My Day!

Time for a little gratitude! Each day brings new surprises (and challenges), but these are 10 things I am grateful for and look forward to EVERY day – little things that come together to make life wonderful!

  1. Browsing through pictures of friends’ babies and weddings on Facebook.
  2. Feeling my little boys’ arms wrapped around my neck.
  3. Sneaking into the boys’ room after they’re asleep to hear the sound of their breathing and gaze on their peaceful little faces for a while (and maybe even sneak in a kiss or a cuddle!)
  4. Playing all together on our living room floor. It’s a household of boys and me, so it’s we’re usually playing cars and legos, rough-housing, or pretending to be lions!
  5. Saying “Good Morning” to my husband and kiddos.
  6. Watching Charbel help get snack or dinner for him and Paul.
  7. Sitting on the couch with my husband and watching a comedy before bed (yes, this happens almost every day!).
  8. Hearing my sons count the tractors and/or airplanes they see during the car ride to school each day (for those of you that don’t know me, my husband and I both work at the same school, and the kids come along with us – it’s a great set-up for us right now!).
  9. Hearing Charbel and Paul say “Thank you, Mommy”!
  10. Laughter. Anytime. Anywhere. Especially when it’s coming from my kids or husband.

What’s your list?

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