The Rosary for Children: A Guide and Activity Book

Rosary Book

* Update: This product is now available through the Upside Down Homeschooling store. Hop over to my friend Heather’s blog to pick it up!

Are you looking for a way to teach your children the Rosary? Or to help them improve their writing while learning more about their faith?  This Rosary Guide and Activity Book includes all the prayers in the Rosary, a brief history, simple instructions for children, and a variety of activities including:

- Exploring the mysteries (quotes from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church for each mystery and space for children to write their own prayer or reflections and draw a picture for each mystery)

- Writing prompts about the Rosary

- Family activity ideas about the Rosary

- Unscrambling activity (discover quotes from the Saints about the Rosary!)

- Maze (help St. Dominic find the Rosary!)

- Word Search

If any of you use this with your kids, I would love feedback about what sections helped them most and any additions you would find helpful!

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