The Power of Words in Prayers & Mantras

To get anything into your life, you have to speak it into existence. Whether you speak it into existence or it speaks out of nowhere into your life, that really matters.

When you pray or mantra, you using words that leave the saints to ponder why you are so specific in what you want to emanate into your life.

You could be sitting comfortably and relax, but what you are really doing is emanating energy into a particular ‘unity’ that causes the universe to react.

What specifically are you seeking? Is it a particular person or animal that you want to be with? Could you possibly want that more than your existing friends or family?

What about the powerful and charismatic person that you want to be within your life? Are you looking for a power larger than yourself?

Whatever you are searching for will be communicated to the universe in due time.

The Universal Love-Based Truth

For example, did you know that plants absorb the vibrations of their surroundings and reflect them?

Spells and prayers also work in the same way just like a strong thunderstorm message is sent out to distant distant lands.

Spells and prayers operate in the 5th dimensions, and a mantra in the 3rd dimension still is a work of the divine like thoughts are.

A mantra is a way to harness the energies of the universe and manipulate them for your benefit.

A mantra or incantation may be words, phrases, single words, or full-blown combinations of words and incantations that together complete the powerful sequence.

Many mantras and prayer teachers claim to have this ability and to be able to invoke the wrath of nature, to bring about miracles, to create true paths, to quote the Bible, to make wishes come true, to bring a happy and fulfilling marriage, to heal debt or remove evil.

They are universal when the teacher is connected to an advanced soul and spirit that truly understands how to use the energies.

On the other hand, when the information comes purely from the teacher or your mind, and there is no reference to the source of information or how it came about, the information’s validity is questioned.

I recently wrote an article called “Spiritual Awareness: What is it and How do we know what we are to be aware of,” I share universal information. Remember, you get what you pay attention to.

Keep in mind that what you learn is only good when it is done from a place of love and perfection.

If the information comes purely from fear or anger, it is not learned from a perfect place but simply from a human perspective.

The One Power Heals, Even Looks, and dynamically demonstrating the truth of universal teachings.

The universal truth is love-based, peace-based, love-based consciousness.

This is not to say that the opposite is not possible or to say that refining your sense of love, peace, and joy is not possible.

However, other motivations cannot be so readily admitted. To create peace and goodwill in the world, the more benevolent motivations must be admitted so that the basic foundation of the teachings, the seed of Love Truth, can be seen, felt, and embodied by the greater portion of humanity.

What we are focusing on here, as you can see, is much more than Planet Earth. Our little insignificant planet is merely the physical focal point in the universe and no more.

For clarity, let us call this material Universal Energy

Energy healing is healing pervading all levels of consciousness, all aspects of life, and all creation levels.

Universal Energy has many names and some call it God, some call it The Creator, some call it The Source.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s call it all energy, and its singular purpose is love.

Without love, there is no hope for survival, and all attempts at home by humanity to secure a place for him to live on Earth always come up short.

Invariably, the more love that is invoked, the more self-centered, nationalistic, and greedy man’s actions become.

Humanity has demonstrated its own limited nature many times in the past. Man cannot express unconditional love, one of the attributes of the creator. They say that you cannot define the limits of your own power.

Man must have the power to love ALL or the ALL that is, he should not dwell on the power only to fear or hate or withhold love from others.