The Ongoing Love Story: Why to Keep Dating Your Husband After Marriage

Marriage isn’t the end of a relationship; it’s the beginning. It doesn’t make sense to put all your effort into the relationship prior to and then stop off when your lifetime relationship really begins… Life gets busier after marriage, especially once kids come along, but that makes it only more important to set aside certain times just to be with your spouse.

Date Night!

The “date nights” or “date days” my husband and I have had together have been priceless. They give us the time to be completely together, without half our focus going toward work, the computer, the home or the kids. It gives us time to focus on each other, appreciate each other and realize again how blessed we are with each other.

It also gives us time to communicate. We make sure we find time to talk each day, even if it means getting up a little early or going to bed a little later than we otherwise would, but when we take time to go on “a date” and do something special together, we have a longer stretch of time to engage in interesting, personal or just entertaining conversations. With other distractions aside, it’s a great time to talk about progress, hopes, dreams and ambitions, plan together, go over memories together… anything that we feel is important and want to discuss.

The final and perhaps most important reason why I appreciate our date nights so much is that they help us continue getting to know each other all over again. People change all the time, and they keep changing after getting married. Eddy has changed since I married him; I have changed since he married me. I think this happens with every married couple. Even though you’re married and your paths in life are intimately connected, you continue to evolve individually – your interests, ideas, desires and habits develop and change. Once you’re married, it’s easy to take each other for granted and assume that you know and understand one another. Regular “dates” , whether they revolve around discussing things or around doing something together that you both value, are one way to make sure you keep getting to know each other better and better, so you can change and grow together.

Eddy and I have been very blessed so far with regards to being able to set aside time to be together, even after having 2 kids. With wonderful grandparents just a mile away, we get time together on a regular basis while my parents babysit the kids, in addition to the time we snag at home after the kids go to bed. We also had two great days together exploring New York and Chicago when we were visiting relatives a few months ago – Charbel and Paul were well taken care of thanks to my relatives… The pictures below can tell you how happy Eddy and I were with these opportunities!

Anyway, when the grandparents aren’t around and you have to pay for a babysitter to be able to get away, or just when your purse strings are on the tight side, there are plenty of great date night activities you can do with your spouse without paying a cent. I’ll be featuring some of them in my next post!

And just a few more pictures of our “dates” from the past year… fun and meaningful times… all so different, all so incredible!


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