The Mother-Child Relationship in Art

Wars, poverty and disaster come and go, but the spirit of love between a mother and a child has withstood all ages, as the cornerstone of love, life and trust.

Art is perhaps the truest tribute to the importance of the mother-child relationship. Mother-child pictures of all ages and cultures may vary in color and expression, but capture a common spirit that transcends space and time.


All of these pictures, whether photos or paintings, have a special glow – the glow of a mother in love with her baby, proud of her baby, and protecting her baby… and the glow of an innocent, trusting and affectionate child safe in the arms of the mother. Anyone that has been a child or a mother has felt the warmth of this unique relationship.

If you’ve made it this far down, take a moment to marvel at the priceless relationship between mother and child, and say a prayer of thanksgiving for your own mother and/or child.

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