The Bambi Stare…


Every parent out there knows what I’m talking about… The bright, wide-eyed, “You-love-me-more-than-anything-you-will-do-this-for-me-won’t-you” pleading look our kids give us when they want something. The look they give you when they really want a cookie… or, even better, when they really want your cookie (you know, the one you seriously contemplated hiding in the pantry to eat so they wouldn’t see you – or it). The look they give you when they want you to draw a picture of a house… for the TENTH time in a row. That look. It’s an irresistible look. And, unfortunately, they know it’s irresistible. That’s why the oh-so-cute-rascals use it all the time.

The Bambi stare is part of what makes parenting livable. After if I’m going to draw a picture ten times in a row, the stare – a look of pleading, but also of complete trust and anticipation – reminds me of how much I love this child and, how much this child is counting on me. Sure, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he only got nine house pictures, but when something so small makes them so happy, a parent can’t refuse.

But the Bambi stare is also part of what makes parenting tough, in the moments when you can’t say yes to the child and you know the adorable stare is about to divulge into a valley of tears.

The Bambi stare… It’s going to be one of the first things I miss as these kids grow up… Loving every minute of having them little!

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