That’s What YOU Thought…

How often do you find yourself in a situation when your plans are turned topsy-turvy? Probably pretty often.

We were planning a lovely family vacation in Lebanon… Visiting Eddy’s family, going out with friends, taking our kids to some of our favorite places from when we dates, stealing a few evenings out as a couple…

Sounded like the perfect plan. Our bags were packed and everything was ready the evening before we were supposed to depart… when we heard that a bomb had just gone off in Beirut. Nothing huge, but, then again, any act of violence like that is huge, right?

Parenthesis: I’d like to make use of this opportunity to ask all of you to say a prayer for Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and the surrounding countries, that the current conflicts in Syria and Egypt stop, and that the other countries aren’t pulled further into the conflicts… and for all the victims and families that have been affected already.

Even though we didn’t expect there to be follow up troubles in Lebanon (and, thankfully, there haven’t been so far), we decided not to risk going with the kids.

So… time for PLAN B: After briefly considering a jaunt to Dubai, we decided to just stay here, and starting looking forward to all the family activities we could do around here – take the kids to the park, go out for pizza, get ice cream, go swimming… Not the same as traveling, but still a nice change of pace and a relaxing vacation.

Until… a few days into it, we have a feverish child… and then find out he has the mumps. MUMPS? Who ever hears of anyone catching those nowadays? Apparently its more common that I realized, even with the vaccine.

Now we’re in the middle of PLAN C: taking care of a sick little boy, making sure nothing that could cause him to salivate (all the good stuff – fruits, sweets, flavorful foods… all off limits) passes his lips, keeping him at home and calm for a week to 10 days (NOT EASY WITH A TODDLER!), and making sure it doesn’t pass to his brother (yes, he’s had the vaccine, but the doctor said we still have to be careful, there’s still a possibility of it passing…). Not the vacation we thought of at all.

GROWING PAINS. Not the kids’ – MINE. Parenting growing pains! Never heard of them? I hadn’t either… But they’re REAL. It’s the stretching of your patience when you feel like you’re out, but your kids and the situation require more.

Frustrating? Yes. But worth it, because when you’re done, you love those kiddos even more.  And, WE WILL ENJOY this vacation, even if it’s just playing in our living room!

In the meantime, I’m getting ready for my remedy: freshly baked chocolate-peanut-butter brownies with vanilla ice cream! Always hits the spot!

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