Thanksgiving Dinner Printables

Yes, Thanksgiving is still over a month from now. But considering how busy many of us will be in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I’ve gone ahead and designed these Thanksgiving dinner printables – one less thing to do closer to the day! If you’re going to be hosting the Thanksgiving meal at your home, whether it will just be your immediate family or whether you expect a crowd, consider adding a special touch to your decoration with these free Thanksgiving dinner printables: name cards, napkin ring printables, wall art, centerpiece addition and banner!

* All images shown below have been scaled; they will print the correct size from the Thanksgiving Dinner Printables file.

Name Cards – just cut these out, fill in the name of everyone you’ve invited to your meal, fold each one and place them on the table!


Thanksgiving Dinner Printables - Name Cards


Napkin Ring Printables – Print, cut around the edges and tape onto your napkin rings! If your napkin rings have a wider circumference, just leave a little extra white paper on each end.


Thanksgiving Dinner Printables: Napkin Rings


Centerpiece Addition – Print this out on card-stock for added durability. Laminate for added protection. Attach a wire (or pipe cleaner – something a little stiff) to the back of this to give added height, and position it within your centerpiece.


Thanksgiving Dinner Printables: Centerpiece Addition


Wall Art – Print and frame this, and hang it on the wall or place it on a mantel.


Thanksgiving Dinner Printables: Wall Art


Happy Thanksgiving Banner (picture not shown): Cut out each piece of the banner and attach them to a long piece of string. Hang your banner on the wall, by your mantel, or in any other location you think it would look nice.

Don’t forget to stop frequently during the upcoming month to think of all the blessings in your life!

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