Summer Bucket List for Families

When Easter’s done, summer’s begun! Maybe not exactly, but at least, that’s how it goes in my mind. As soon as warmer weather sets in, it’s time to start having outdoor summer fun! So I’m sharing my bucket list with you!

Summer Bucket List Blogographic

1. Make an ice cream bar at home. Get one or two basic ice cream flavors (chocolate and vanilla are enough). Crunch up a bunch of toppings (cookies, candy bars, nuts, etc.). Have ice cream syrups and whip cream on hand, and go to it!

2. Make this giant water bed for hours of frugal outdoor fun!

3. Have a water balloon fight.

4. Make your own master pieces with paint and spray bottles!

5. Run a summer business (old fashioned lemonade stand or selling baked goods, perhaps?)

6. Go for a scenic train ride.

7. Get white apparel (think: t-shirt, cap, even white cloth tennis shoes!), and some fabric paints, and make your own crazy summer wear!

8. Celebrate a summer birthday. If no one has a birthday, celebrate a half birthday.

9. Have an awesome beach themed party (get some really cute ideas from The Busy Budgeting Mama).

10. Have a cookout! Invite friends and neighbors.

11. Eat watermelon and then have a spitting contest with the seeds.

12. Ride horses.

13. Go boating.

14. Fly kites.

15. Make your favorite milk shakes or frozen smoothies.

16. Watch fireworks.

17. Host outdoor relays – 3 legged races, spoon races, etc. – for your family or the entire neighborhood!

18. Family car wash day! You can wash your own car (aka have a water fight), or let your kids organize a car wash to raise funds for a particular activity or project.

19. Go to an amusement park… Or slide down the neighborhood park!

20. Go berry picking.

21. Make summer cookies. How about giving these flip-flop cookies or sunshine cookies a whirl?

22. Feed ducks (or ants – it’s really fascinating to watch the way ants work together to carry food crumbs you give them away to their colony!).

23. Make your own Popsicles. Search for fancy recipes online, or just put juice or pudding in the freezer! If you don’t have Popsicle molds, use ice cube trays and insert toothpicks as handles.

24. Go outside and look at the stars. Try to identify different constellations.

25. Have strawberry treats – chocolate covered strawberries, strawberries with sugar and cream, and strawberry shortcake for a start!

26. Go running one morning or evening.

27. Play with hula-hoops (yes, they still exist!).

28. Plant a garden.

29. Go for a nature walk.

30. Catch lightning bugs.

31. Make, and use frozen sidewalk chalk!

32. Sit outside and listen to the crickets chirp.

33. Make sand angels and other sand sculptures.

34. Take a walk along a beach or lake.

35. Camp out in your back yard.

36. Have a bonfire and make smores.

37. Organize a pool party

38. Go to a zoo.

39. Go to a botanical garden.

40. Blow bubbles. Looking for a bubble challenge? Why not try making a whole snake of bubbles?

41. Take a trip to the local library. Or two. Or three.

42. Build an obstacle course in your back yard.

43. Play Frisbee.

44. Go to a drive in movie.

45. Play with the garden hose or run through sprinkles.

46. Play hopscotch.

47. Walk barefoot in the grass.

48. Go to a water park.

49. Ride bikes.

50. Get fresh produce from a farmer’s market.

51. Make corn on the cob on the grill or in a fire pit.

52. Take family pictures outside.

53. Have a scavenger hunt.

Have an incredible summer, everyone!

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