Summer Activity Book!


With schools about to close, and many homeschoolers wrapping up their curriculum as well, many kids are about to enjoy a few months of vacation.

But even though school finishes, learning never ends! Help your child keep their mind working this summer with this Summer Activity Book. It covers language arts, math, science and critical thinking skills in an attractive and engaging (dare I say even fun?!) manner.

The workbook is designed in a way to help children review and strengthen concepts they have learned, as well as explore new ideas and challenge their creativity.

This book is great for…

  • Car or Plane Trips
  • Rainy Days
  • Study Sessions
  • Quiet Time
  • Any Time!

Would you like to see a preview (includes table of contents as well as a sample section)?

This workbook is ordinarily $4.99, but is on sale for a limited time for just $2.99. Go get your copy!

2 thoughts on “Summer Activity Book!

  1. Thank you for a great workbook with a variety of activities! I also appreciate the fact that it’s secular in nature.

    • Thanks, Bobbi! I make some Christian resources, but also like making general ed ones… I hope your child(ren) enjoy(s) the workbook!

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