Subscriber Freebie: 40 Days of Easter Journal and Activity Book


My 40 Days of Easter journal/activity book is FREE for subscribers for one week (through 4/18). This is a 66 page printable book with:

  • Daily journal prompts for the ENTIRE SEASON of Easter
  • Easter-themed worksheets
  • Exercises that foster language development, creativity, critical thinking and a love of Scripture

Although I’ve written this book, I partner with my friend Heather, for its sales and distribution. If you don’t already know Heather, it’s time to meet an awesome new friend! Heather runs two blogs. Upside Down Homeschooling provides encouragement, support and resources, and Frugral Homeschool Family, which is dedicated to providing TONS of free educational resources. And, believe me, both sites are great for all parents striving to give their children a Christian education, whether or not you homeschool (I don’t, but I still love and contribute to her sites!). Heather also has another project up her sleeve – Catholic Family Resources. I can’t wait to see how that one turns out! So it’s time to head over and say hi to Heather!

By subscribing to Upside Down Homeschooling to receive this freebie, you will also be subscribing to Eyes On Heaven. Heather will be sharing all the subscriber email addresses received with me to enter into the Eyes on Heaven list as well.

So head over, get your freebie, and have an incredible Easter Season with your kids! Don’t forget to keep passing by for new resources and other faith and family posts!

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