Sing, Mother, Sing!

Softly humming and singing to babies comes instinctively to most mothers. All over the world, and throughout the centuries, you find mothers singing to their children. They just know that it’s a good thing to do. What they might not realize is that their act of love is also doing their child a great favor.

By day one, babies are able to identify and distinguish rhythmic patterns (i.e. singing). Triggering this development by singing to your baby results in…

  • Strengthened emotional bond with the parent
  • Increased language development
  • Improved mood
  • Balanced eating and sleeping patterns
  • Enhanced spatial reasoning and structured thinking
  • Comfort

This is true regardless of whether or not the mother, or baby, are musically inclined (thankfully, because I would be ruled out otherwise!).

Granted, in the end, I sing to my kids because I love them and I can tell they love me singing to them, but it’s also nice to know they benefit from it developmentally as well!

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