Is There Proof of Life After Death

The near-death experience (NDE) is an anomaly that defies the scientific logic of our modern world. Therefore, skepticism is often met because it makes a case for immortality that cannot be explained away.

This is understandable to me, since before my experience, as an atheist, I would also have been very skeptical of the NDE.

If I had known about it, I would certainly have rejected the experience’s reality because of the lack of solid proof.

A U.S. News & World Report’s poll in 1997 estimated that up to 15 million Americans might have had a near-death experience.

The most famous recent case is the near-death experience of ABC anchor Bob Woodruff, who was almost killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He tells us about his experience that,

I don’t remember hearing it. I remember that I – I went out for a minute. I saw my body floating below me and [a] kind of whiteness. I don’t have much more information than that, whether it was heaven or something. I still don’t know.

Most scientific studies are done retrospectively many times years after the experience, but recent prospective studies have shown the experience to be scientifically predictable.

In 2001, the first prospective study of near-death experiences was published in the international medical journal The Puzzle.

This prospective study was led by cardiologist H.M. Vanithmil, MD, a research scientist at the University of New England, and includes the distance from 21st-century doctors who had Actually performed the same study on recent patients at a hospital in Enjoyment, New Zealand.

This study was a prospective design and only focused on patients who had a cardiac arrest, none of whom had previously reported any near-death experiences.

This prospective study was a follow-up to a small prospective study set up by earlier researchers laid down by groundwork. Accordingly, this prospective study was designed to systematically investigate patients who had a cardiac arrest and who were successfully resuscitated.

Out positioning for the study was requested by the hospital’s flooded with letters from patients lying in the hospital and wanted to know whether their lives had ended.

Of the letters, 15 patients had reported their experience to the researchers, and these patients had been successfully resuscitated.

Therefore, this prospective study was a follow up to the small studies done in clinical remission, and both sets of cohorts showed significant positive results.

Therefore, these studies initiated a wave of research into the phenomenon of NDEs.

This was the crucial first step in understanding what exactly is happening in the phenomenon of NDE. This study was a scientific attempt to understand the phenomenon and give a rational scientific understanding.

In the studies done so far, two essential things have been identified. These are:

The fact that the experience of NDE is a result of the physical reorganization of the body’s brain cells. A study done by Dr. Raymond Moody at the University of Virginia showed that the experience causes a change in brain cells’ metabolism. This change is a sustained reorganization and does not represent a ‘falling sensation.’

And A write-up done by a team led by Prof. Ole Eiblings from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, was published in 2001 in the scientifically recognized peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration.

This study showed that a person having an NDE had a brain response of multifunctional brain cells.

This is because, as one of the authors of the aforementioned study pointed out, even in the midst of an NDE, the brain still reorganizes, naming it a “pervasive brain response.”

These studies demonstrate the existence of a physical universe and that death’s experience is of utter importance to the scientific study of the human spirit itself.

Consequently, with this crucial knowledge that the mystery of the spirit of life has been solved, we can move on to the third conjoint idea that Kundalini is the Shakti of the encounter.

In the shamas, Shakti is the ultimate consciousness. It is the consciousness that is residing in all objects. It is the Osom (power) that permeates the entire universe.

This power is latent in all creation, and it is the Self of all creatures. The Self is that which remains hidden in the depths of the collective unconscious.

It is an indescribable force of unconditional energy, the only thing that is genuinely conscious.

In the shamas, Shakti is called Dattagala, and its context in the world of phenomena – the world of matter. The world of phenomena is divided into two types: cosmic matter and the human mind.

Cosmic matter deals with processes and objects, and its essence is energy.