Priceless Dating Ideas!

My husband and I try to take the time to do things together regularly, but we don’t always want to spend a lot of money – we really just want to be together.  Sometimes we look for at home ideas so we can have our time together without needing to make arrangements for the kids…

Most of these ideas are pretty normal things that you’ve probably done many times before… but they become less normal when your life gets busier because kids arrive. They change your life for the best, and you can’t imagine living without them, but they do make it harder to find time together. Finding the time to do it together makes the activities special…These ideas are priceless in both senses of the word!


Movie night. This is perhaps the one my husband and I do most often. Considering that we both love movies and it’s his profession, it makes sense! Staying at home for movie night has the added advantage of being able to snuggle on the couch at the same time. Try making special popcorn varieties for a treat.

Movie night with a theme. This idea just takes the last one and spices it up again. Pick a country/culture you both love. Make a special dinner featuring food from that country, and pick a movie from or about that place as well.

Game night. Pull out the deck of cards or another game the two of you both love, and go at it! Invite some friends over and make it a double date night.

Favorite dinner for your spouse. This works best as a surprise. Cook your spouse’s favorite meal and have a candlelight dinner ready for after the kids go to bed. Simple, cozy…

Cook together. Instead of surprising your spouse with a ready-made meal, have fun in the kitchen together and then enjoy your candlelight dinner.

Cuddle by the fire place. This is GREAT for winter nights. My husband and I are waiting to live in a house with a fireplace so we can do this!

Neighborhood walk. Go for a  walk around your neighborhood around dusk. Enjoy the different familiar sights and sounds while watching the sun go down…

Exercise. Go for a jog, shoot hoops in your back yard, or do some other form of exercise you both enjoy.


Drive-in movies. See if your area has a free drive-in movie place. Pack snacks from home and the only cost is the gas to get there!

Free museums. Many cities have free museums. Do a little research in advance to find one worth going to – I’ve been to some free museums that are awesome, and some that are pathetic.

Free concerts. This isn’t an option everywhere, but if you live in or near a fairly large city, there may be free, outdoor concerts in the summer.

Brewery/winery tour. Many areas have breweries or wineries, and most offer free tours, often with free sampling as well.

Free lectures. Many institutes offer free conferences, lectures and courses. See what’s being offered in your area (contact your local church for religious conferences, or a local university for educational ones), and if you like one of the topics, make a date of it!

Go to a book store.  Browse the selection, read snippets on topics you’re interested in, and have good conversations.


Park. Go to a nearby park and enjoy talking a walk or sitting on the bench together.

Night sky. Go outside after dark and enjoy looking at the stars. Try finding different constellations, or just enjoy the beauty. If you have time, go to a scenic place before dark. Enjoy watching the sun set, and then look at the stars.

Bike Ride. Find a scenic area and go for a ride. This combines beauty with exercise and relaxation (if you like biking…).

Hiking. Go to a nearby mountain or wooded area and take a hike. This can be especially beautiful in the fall.

Beach or lake. Enjoy relaxing on the shore or take a swim.

Zoo/botanical gardens. Many cities have free zoos and/or botanical gardens. Some zoos with an entrance fee have certain free days throughout the year.

Winter fun. Go sledding or build a snowman! This will bring back childhood memories and be fun all over again!

Driving. This is one of our personal favorites. Just get in the car and go for a drive along a scenic route. Soak in the beauty and enjoy good conversation at the same time.

Kite flying. Haven’t done it since you were a kid? See if you still have the knack of it! This can also get you back in gear and ready to teach your own kids how to fly kites…

Picnic. Pack a picnic lunch and take it to a special spot… or just enjoy it in your backyard.

Bird watching. Not everyone goes for this, but if you enjoy nature and calm, pick up the binoculars and go bird watching.

Explore another city. Drive to a nearby city and go exploring. Pick a city you’ve always wanted to see, or one you’ve been to that has historical significance, great architecture, or some other attraction.

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