Paris, Rome, Turin, Home!

Wow – that was a whirlwind of a week! 27 students, a quick 8 hour tour of Istanbul, 2 days in Paris, 2 in Rome, 2 in Turin. Thanking God for a very successful trip – lots of laughs, lots of fun, lots of lessons learned, few tears and only 2 missing phones – one stolen, one forgotten on the plane. Pretty good, considering that it was the first time away from home for almost all of the students!

My husband and I are EXHAUSTED! But definitely glad we went. Most of the time we were keeping our eyes on the students, but we managed to get a few pictures of the two of us together in front of some of our favorite places.

Be prepared: for practicality’s sake, I wore the same coat each day, and I’m not good at posing, so there wasn’t much variety for the camera! We took most of the pictures ourselves, but sometimes students offered to help. You can tell which ones the student took in the group of pics below – they’re the slanted ones. Is this a new trend? I guess I’m behind the times! Places in the pictures: the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon (it’s the Kurdish flag sticking out of my pocket!), an Italian café, the Trevi Fountain (at dusk!), and the Roman forum. Yes, we got pictures at the Vatican, but we haven’t sorted through all the cameras yet to find where it is!


One of the highlights in Rome was seeing the Pope for the Angelus. He even greeted our school by name! Our visit was covered by EWTN (radio and TV interview to be aired in the upcoming weeks), and Joan Lewis, the Rome correspondent, has already put an account and pictures up on her blog if you want to check it out! We’ll get more pictures of the students throughout the trip on the school website in the next few days. I’ll share the link on my Facebook page when it’s up!

Most people know why to go to Rome and Paris. Turin isn’t as well known, but is a GREAT place to visit, especially for students and educators. A few highlights:

  • The Shroud! An awesome reminder that Jesus is both Crucified AND Risen. We can’t have one without the other!
  • Don Bosco, Dominic Savior, Giorgio Frassati and several other Saints/Blesseds all hail from Turin. A small place to have so many saints! Don Bosco in particular is a great example for educators and students (homeschooling parents and kids included!). I LOVE the criteria for the Don Bosco Oratory: a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelizes, a school where we learn and a playground where friends can meet and have fun. What a great description of what EVERY home and school should be like. St. John Bosco, pray for us!
  • The city itself has lots of unique architectural structures to visit, include Churches, castles, palaces, fountains and other historic buildings. It also has lots of pedestrian streets and more than 18 km of covered walkways – a great place to stroll around!

With the trip behind us, we have a few days to settle in before the “normal chaos” (the school authorization process) sets in again. I hope to start blogging regularly again and getting more Catechism 101 lesson plans up within the next several days.

God bless you all, and many thanks to those of you that were praying for our trip!

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