Organizing the Blog: Bits and Pieces of Heaven

When I started this blog almost a year ago, we chose the title “Eyes on Heaven.” Since then, I’ve written many posts on a variety of topics. Some posts have been about our life, our babies, our struggles, our family updates, successes and memorable moments. Others have shared pictures of our travels and where we are in the Middle East, discussed biblical truths or explored the eastern and western liturgical traditions. Still others have been about DIY projects, parenting techniques and milestones, opinions on contemporary issues, enjoying the seasons or reviewing a movie or comic strip.

To a reader, it might seem like I’ve strayed as far as possible from my chosen title – almost nothing I’ve written seems to speak about heaven. In my mind, however, all that I’ve written, and continue to write, somehow speaks of keeping our eyes on heaven. I write about what I enjoy – and everything I enjoy is a foreshadowing of the greater joy we will find in heaven. I write about my family – and in this life, the love I have found in my spouse and children are the closest thing to the happiness and love I expect to find in heaven. I write about some struggles sometimes – I think all people have some of those! – and it is these struggles that help us journey through this life to our final home. I write about things I bake or crafts I make – and I hope that these things bring heaven a little closer to the people around me that share in them, more from the love I put into them then from the things themselves. I write about a subject I have a passionate interest in: theology – studying and describing my faith and Catholic beliefs is definitely a way of bringing my eyes back to heaven by helping me know the Lord of Heaven more.

As a result, even though my posts are greatly varied, I don’t see them as being completely disconnected from each other or from the blog theme I chose – I see them as being bits and pieces of the heaven I want to keep my eyes on; they are all either little heavens I have run into in this life, or reflections on issues and struggles that line the journey toward our final and perfect heaven. I blog about all these things instead of keeping them in my head for two reasons: I enjoy to write, and I hope that, if shared, these things that help might help other people too, whether practically, spiritually or intellectually.

I have left my topic deliberately broad – general enough to fit in anything I might want to write about. However, I have found that my string of very varied posts is somewhat disorderly. To both satisfy my own innate preference for clear organization, and to make it easier for readers to find posts that are related to each other or pertain to a theme of interest, I have updated my blog page to have a menu of topics at the top of the page. All posts will continue in a sequential stream based on the order in which they are published, on the main “blog” page, now titled “All Posts.” They will be sorted, however, into categories and subcategories, so readers can easily find all posts related to certain themes. The main themes are “DIY”, “Family,” “Faith,” and “Culture.” I believe that these themes, will make the blog easier to navigate, but stay broad enough to cover the range of topics I usually write about.

To anyone reading this blog, whether you frequent it regularly or have only just found it, thank you for sharing in these “bits and pieces” of heaven, and I pray that your own life is just as full of joy, challenges and interests!

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