Oh, the Things You Can Do If You Get Off Facebook!

And Twitter. And Pinterest. And whatever other social networking sites soak up all your time.

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I have chopped off about an hour and a half from our day by going to bed earlier. But, amazingly, I’ve been getting so much more done!

Why? Because I decided to limit my Facebook time. Sorry, friends. I won’t see every picture or status update (I hope I still catch the important ones!). I might not answer messages or posts for a day or two. I still care about you and want to keep up with your lives. But, I want to keep up with MY life too.

I haven’t given up Facebook completely. I have some friends who have (as well as some friends who simply never had it). I admire them – I would have even more time if I followed suit. But I’m not. I stay on Facebook (and encourage plenty of other people to use Facebook for 3 reasons):

  • I have many friends that spread all around the world. I want to stay in touch, and Facebook really is a very convenient way to do so.
  • Like it or not, news is communicated more rapidly through social networking than through any other media outlet, including online news sites like Fox and CNN. I don’t rely on Facebook as my ONLY source of news, but I do often see or share valuable articles through Facebook.
  • Facebook has some great, interest-based groups. If you aren’t in any yet, think about exploring some of them. There are great mom groups, Catholic groups, Catholic-mom groups, education groups, homeschooling groups (no – I don’t homeschool, but yes, I do support homeschooling).

So, I’m still on Facebook, but have significantly reduced the amount of time I spend using it. I skim briefly once a day for a limited amount of time (10-15 min) and return only if I have a specific purpose. It’s a challenge – it’s so easy to get sucked in to the limitless stream of laughing babies, weddings, memes, debates and everything else imaginable. Are heads nodding?

But, I’ve begun to go by the clock rather than the stream. And, in these last few days, something amazing has occurred. Suddenly, I have time again. I’ve written more. I’ve started reading every day. I’ve played with the kids longer than usual. I’ve even had time to play the piano each day and I hope, soon, to add learning another language to my list.

Do you wonder why you don’t have time to get things done? If you’re reading this post, I’ll assume it’s because you’re on Facebook and it came up in your stream (or you’re browsing WordPress, and it came up on that stream). Log off and start doing something. Don’t come back again until tomorrow morning unless there’s something specific you need to post about (and even then, leave it for tomorrow if you can).

Try it for a few days, and you’ll be AMAZED at how much you can do!

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