“…Of Brave Knights and Heroic Courage”



It seems like mothers today have a lot to worry about regarding our kids’ futures. With all the violence and aggression, declining economies and increasing secularism in the world today, the future can seem pretty glum. No matter where you go, people are facing some pretty serious problems. Of course, there are pockets of peace, stability and prosperity, but with increasing globalization and international relationships, you never know how long it will be until those pockets get affected by waves of unwelcome change. So worrying is understandable.

But C.S. Lewis got it right. Worry isn’t the answer. It doesn’t solve anything, and causes a whole lot of stress for the mother and potentially for the whole family. Praying for our kids to have a safe future is important, but given the likelihood of them running into hardship, we also need to help them be PREPARED for it and teach hem how to react.

Turning the on the TV and watching the news with our kids glorifies the villains – channel after channel focuses on perpetrators of crimes. Reading fairy tales about courage and heroism glorifies virtue and instills in our children a deeply rooted desire to face and overcome challenges for a worthy cause.

There’s a lot more to fairy tales than romance, nostalgia and nonsense. Many fairy tales, especially ones about knights in shining armor were developed  and passed on not just to entertain, but to TEACH.

Fairy tales engage children’s imagination and get them thinking, and aspiring. While the children will eventually outgrow Camelot and the Round Table, the sentiments and hopes planted by these tales will remain inside them and can be rekindled later when they begin face challenges in the real world.

Many thanks to C.S. Lewis for this piece of wisdom. This mommy, at least, plans on following his advice!

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