Negative Thoughts Impact Your Health

Are you going through life with negative thoughts and having problems? Then you are on the wrong road and should turn around!

Some people think negative thoughts are normal. They think if they don’t have negative thoughts they will be happy.

However, when negative thoughts occur in our minds, they can go through our whole system and result in physical effects on us.

Our physical and mental health affects how we act and behave because of the thoughts we hold.

For example, someone who is depressed has poor self-esteem. They start suppressing their negative thoughts, and this causes them to keep struggling in their life.

The Biblical Example of David and Goliath

The biblical David had to defeat Goliath. A Giant! But in his heart, there was no fear!

Why did he not fail? His intolerance of fear and trust in God – in Himself – opened a path that otherwise would have been hidden.

Conflict will ruin us. We must consult Him regularly and with our questions and thoughts.

Everything is an energy, an vibration. Different people will express energy in different ways.

Every human is unique. No two humans are identical. We are a community of humans.

The rows of stars determine our lives’ patterns in our chart or by the energy paths (ley lines) existing in our destiny.

The life path itself is not, however, always so obvious. Sometimes, hidden underneath many layers of fear, judgments, hatred, wounds, and layers of activities on our part.

Sometimes a soul can slip by under the layers and live underneath them without knowing that he is there.

The challenge is: to become fully aware that he is there, to stay in touch with one’s soul, to learn to recognize the patterns and flows and to learn to modify or change them to bring about a more fulfilling life.

Do not fear!

Don´t Tolerate Fear

For a man to be successful he needs to fear nothing. With that in mind, it really does matter little what one fears.

Fear is the absence of courage and the inability to confront something or somebody intensely.

Those who were not afraid at one time stand still that way today. It can be said that fear has destroyed whole societies and families because fear has been the fatal weapon of the weak.

The fear of man is the number one enemy of success. There is no fear in the human heart. That is why God keeps vehemently condemning it.

Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has a great reward. For to you, it has been granted on behalf of Christ Jesus, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake, being put to death in the flesh, but raised from the dead by the glory of the God – 1 John 3:9-10

Each man’s act and work should not be predicated by fear.

Your prosperity does not come with great luck or without any hard work on your part. Self-made riches in your hands are worth nothing, except to the extent that you desire to be used by God.

This means the hidden riches are those hidden treasures found in the depths of a believer’s heart. That’s where God planted it so no one can take it out again.