Moms Do A Lot More Than They Realize

We all love those busy, successful days when we collapse in the evening with the shopping, cleaning, cooking and laundry done for the week. It’s much harder to reach the end of the day leaping over piles of laundry, tripping over toys, throwing leftovers on the table for dinner and staring at a to do list on the refrigerator that you didn’t even start. Yes, you know that tomorrow will be a new day, but it gets discouraging, all the same.

I heard a story several years ago that every mother should hear, and remember on the days when “nothing” seems to get done.

A man saw three men working in a stone quarry. He walked up to one of them and said, “What are you doing?” The man answered, “I’m hauling stones.” He walked up to the second and said, “What are you doing?” The second man replied: “I’m working to feed my family.” Finally, he asked the third man the same question. The third man said, “I’m glorifying God.”

Our perspective on what we do really makes a difference, not only in our own attitude, but also in how we deal with others around us. Unfortunately, I think it’s all too easy for us mothers to belittle what we do and measure our productivity based on what is visible.

But the real value in what we do is under the surface, and has nothing to do with cleanliness, order, chores, etc.

What did you do today (the day you “got nothing done”)? You listened, understood, cared, taught, forgave. You LOVED. You taught your children how to love, and many other things besides. And, above all, if you are a Christian mother and woman of faith, you glorified God, which is the most important thing we could do on any given day.

If you also got the laundry and shopping done too, more power to you, but if not, no pouting or discouragement, please – you still did A LOT!

3 thoughts on “Moms Do A Lot More Than They Realize

  1. Great encouraging post- thank you! I find the days I try to “do it all” are the days I get more frustrated and short with my family. Perspective is definitely important.