Mommy and Daddy Love Each Other: All’s Well With the World!

I walked into the boys’ room to get them up from their nap. As Charbel stood up, he saw my husband go past the doorway on his way downstairs.

“Mommy,” Charbel said. “Hug Daddy?”

“What?” I said, not sure I had understood.

“Mommy, hug Daddy!” he repeated emphatically.

Needless to say, Mommy hugged Daddy as soon as we got downstairs.

Charbel’s request touched me deeply. It made me reflect on how much security he places in knowing that Eddy and I love each other.

We spend so much time and effort focused on giving our children a secure and happy life. We work hard to give them a safe, happy home and provide them with everything they need (+ extras!). We want them to have many opportunities and a great education. We hope that they will have a peaceful, prosperous and happy life. We pray that we will pass on a secure world, without the violence, wars and aggression that plague it.

We pray, think and work so hard for our children to have security, but what they are looking for is really very simple. They are oblivious to the issues in the world that worry us so much, and they don’t feel affected if the school they go to isn’t Harvard Prep.

Our children benefit from all our hard work and the opportunities we give them, but that’s not where they draw their security from. They draw their security from us, their parents. It’s amazing how without knowing the facts of life, or being taught about love and relationships, they seem to instinctively realize that their well-being comes from the love between their parents. When they see us spending time together, they feel secure. When they hear us talking together, they feel secure. They know that we love each other, and that we love them, and that’s what they’re looking for.

Giving our kids a happy, secure life is easier than we realize. We don’t need to give them the world; we need to give them a happy family that loves each other. We need to look deeply into their little eyes, affirming our love for them with a look, a smile, or time spent together…

Thank you, Charbel, for reminding me of this simple truth! You can be sure I’m going to be hugging Daddy (and you) a lot!


3 thoughts on “Mommy and Daddy Love Each Other: All’s Well With the World!

  1. I could not agree more. With nine kids on a limited budget with modern sociey pressing in, everyone aks,”What is your secret” Unity with my husband, the love of God and a small family farm to feed us.