Mid-Summer Update!

Well, we are more than halfway through the summer and, thankfully, more than halfway through the summer program at school as well! Here are a few updates of what we’ve been doing this summer:

Eddy and I:

  • We are in the middle of, closer to the end of the summer program at school. We would prefer to have the whole summer off, but, since we can’t, we’ve found the benefits of the schedule we do have: afternoons to relax and a refresher for the kids of the school routine so they haven’t completely forgotten it by September!
  • Eddy has been doing a lot of designing work on the computer and, if I may say so myself, he does a mighty fine job! Click here to see his creative portfolio. He even took some time to help me with my new blog… even though, as a template, it doesn’t allow for too much custom design…
  • And that brings us to my focus – aside from working at school in the morning and playing with the kids in the afternoon, I found time to launch my new blog, E for Educate (www.e4educate.com). It’s another writing outlet that lets me write about topics related to my work which, as a fulltime job, takes up a lot of my focus and time. It has a combined purpose of collecting and sharing teacher resources, and discussing different educational topics, particularly related to differentiation and inquiry based learning… If you know any teachers that might be interested, please pass the info on!
  • With all of that, my time has been pretty full, but I’ve still snagged a few minutes here and there for crafting. Right now, I’m working on reindeer hats for our two little ones – can’t wait to see them wear them this winter! Many thanks to Sarah from “Repeat Crafter Me” for the cute pattern! I’m following the pattern as closely as possible, just with a darker color yarn (because of availability, not preference!), and with a few adjustments because of the stitch gauge… Hope to post pictures when I’m done!

The Kids:

Charbel (2 ½ ) has become a Jello addict – seriously, if Jello ever needed a new advertisement, he would be a good one! He has gone from communicating with key words to full sentences, just missing a few words here and there… We love being able to understand what he is thinking and feeling so much more! He has a great time at school every morning… knows his way around perfectly – you’d think he owns the place! He has entered the world of imaginative play, and boy does he have an imagination! My cabinet at school becomes an elevator, the remote control is a helicopter, and play dough can be absolutely anything in his mind! His pictures (well… some of them … the most basic ones!) are just beginning to actually resemble reality a little bit… He can now eat with a spoon or fork without making a (big) mess. His most recent excitement: a pair of shoes and sandals that light up. Eddy and I didn’t realize they had lights until we got home and he put them on! He still suddenly stops and sits down when walking to look at them!

Paul (1 ½) finally decided he was ready to start walking about a month ago. He’s been able to walk since he was around a year, but wasn’t ready to walk until several weeks ago, expressing a complete preference for carrying… Definitely a different personality than his brother! His vocabulary has also grown by leaps and bounds, but we’re still talking key words and phrases, not sentences. His favorite pastime: following his older brother around! The two of them go everywhere together, hand-in-hand… so adorable! They push their little fire truck around, together, look at their kiddie laptop together, color at the desk together… I don’t know how long it will last, but we’re hoping they stay close friends as they grow up… they’re definitely off to a great start!

Well, those are a few highlights from our summer so far! Unfortunately, I haven’t been very fast on my feet with the camera… I’m hoping to include pictures next time I write a family update post!

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