Mid-Lent Reflection for Kids

Laetare Sunday is coming up! Laetare Sunday, March 30 this year (2014) marks the middle of Lent. It’s a day of celebration in the middle of our season of reparation, reminding us of the joy to come. In addition to relaxing our sacrifices a little on that day, it’s a great time to refuel and renew our intentions, decisions and attitudes for the second half of Lent.

In addition to relaxing your Lenten sacrifice and having the coffee or chocolate you’ve given up, spend some time on Laetare Sunday reflecting on this Lenten season. This mid-Lent Reflection is a tool to help your children or students reflect on Lent as well, taking stock of the first half of the season and preparing for the second. It encourages them to think about how they’ve grown, what they want to change during the upcoming weeks and WHY they are doing all of this in the first place!


Mid-Lent Reflection



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