Mar Qardakh Mini-Olympics

In honor of the real Olympics, we decided to have Mar Qardakh School mini-Olympics for a day of family fun during the school’s six-week summer program. Although living, working and going to school in Iraq is very different from being in the U.S., some things are common to human experience: kids are kids no matter where they live! The students absolutely loved the sports games and competitions arranged – three-legged races, sack races, long jump, javelin throws, tug-of-war, spoon races, and watermelon-eating contests, among others…

Here’s a link to the mini-Olympic video on the Mar Qardakh School website if you want to see some of the competitions that were held in Iraq at the same time the real Olympics went on in London.  Congratulations to all Mar Qardakh students that gave their best, performed well and had fun!

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