Mady Family Update: Vacation in the U.S.!

We’re just settling in after a month in the U.S., feeling blessed that we were able to take such a family vacation, and equally blessed that we have such a wonderful home to return to!

I really wanted to get some cute family photos on the trip, because we had somewhat neglected our camera during the busy months prior to June.  Between our two phone cameras, we now have so many that it’s hard to choose from! I’ve put a few of our favorites at the end of this post…

This is the second year in a row that we’ve been able to go on a family vacation. Both times, we weighed the expense, and exhaustion, of traveling with two tiny tots, and wondered whether it would be worth it. Both times, we’ve come back absolutely exhausted, and with wonderful memories!

We started with some good friends in WV, then visited my relatives in Connecticut and Chicago. My favorite part was watching the kids have so much fun in so many new situations, and having a couple of days when my relatives kindly watched the kids so Eddy and I could explore New York and Chicago… I also enjoyed seeing Eddy experience more of the U.S. We all had a great time catching up with friends and relatives – I especially loved getting together with some friends I hadn’t seen in many years, and seeing how, with real friendship, you can laugh, talk and pick up again just where you left off, even if it’s several years later. Even though it was a long vacation, it passed too quickly to see everyone I would have liked to… Just another reason to go back another year!

Another highlight: I got to restock on craft supplies and certain materials (like flannel and corduroy) that I can’t find over here… All set for more DIY gifts and decorations!

Many thanks to all that made our vacation an amazing experience, and best wishes to all the other families out there that will be going on vacation sometime this summer – hoping you have an incredible time!



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