Lent Activity: Story Writing

This is a simple way of helping your kids improve their writing skills and learn about the elements of a story while focusing on the importance of Lent.

Does your child already know the elements of a story (character, plot, setting, theme)? If so, briefly review them. If not, refer them to a resource, such this lesson on Understanding Details about Story Elements, to help them learn the elements.

Once your child is familiar with the elements of a story, tell them to write a story about something that has happened to them during Lent one year. They should brainstorm in advance to define the characters, plot, setting and theme of their story, and should then write their story. If helpful, they can use this story map when making their plan.

Story Map Thumbail

 If you have one or more children participating in this activity, invite them to switch stories after they finish and try to identify the characters, plot, setting and theme in the other child’s story. You can conclude with a discussion about the different themes of each story and how they relate to Lent (children can share different experiences related to the themes developed by other children).

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