Lent Activity: Interpreting Art

This activity has two parts:

  1. Analyzing and interpreting artwork
  2. Creating your own artwork

Before beginning, talk to your children about the 40 days Jesus spent fasting and praying in the desert, and how he was tempted by the devil, or read the scripture passage directly (Mt. 4: 1-11).

Interpreting Art Thumbnail

Then give each child the first worksheet. This worksheet includes 3 different pictures of Jesus being tempted in the desert, as well as some questions to help your child reflect about the artwork and its message.

After they have completed their analysis of the artwork provided, it’s time for your kids to be the artists. The second worksheet leaves space for your child to depict their own scene of Jesus being tempted in the desert, and then reflect on what elements they included, and why, and what techniques (color, size, shadow) they used, and why.

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