Last Minute Mother’s Day Planning!

If you’re like me and forgot that next weekend is Mothers’ Day until yesterday, it’s time for a little planning!

My parents live really close by (ahem, next door), so we usually celebrate together. My husband and Dad do a great job organizing things, but neither of them are bakers, and we like homemade things, so I usually make the cake (no problem there – I LOVE baking!). I know some moms prefer things being a surprise for Mothers’ Day, but I don’t mind being involved in the preparations – it’s all part of the fun and family experience! I can’t wait until our kids are a little older and start participating more in coming up with ideas for family celebrations!

These are some recipe, craft, activities and card ideas I’ve gathered that you might like too! If everything is hush-hush and you’re not involved in the preparation, pass this post on to your hubby or kids (you might even highlight ideas you really like to give them a hint!).

Mothers' Day Planning


I don’t know about you, but whenever I search for “Mothers’ Day Recipes”, I get gazillions of results, 99% of which could be used for any day whatsoever, with no clear connection to Mother’s Day at all. Even on Pinterest, my go-to resources for specific inspirations.

So, I’ve put together a brief list of Mothers’ Day cookie, cake and cupcake recipes that actually show the day’s meaning in some way.

1. Surprise Heart Cake – This is a red velvet cake, but when you cut into it, you find a hidden heart in each piece! You could combine this idea with the decorating idea in #2 for a stunning Mothers’ Day Cake.

2. Mother’s Day Cake with Quote. This recipe suggests using a vanilla cake with lemon frosting, but it’s really the decorating idea that matters. You could use this frosting idea with any cake to personalize it for Mothers’ Day.

3. Simply Mom Cake Are you the pound cake and fresh fruit type? You can adapt your favorite cake into a Mothers’ Day Special.

4. Mothers’ Day Bouquet! That’s right – give your mom a bouquet, of cupcakes! You could adjust this idea using your own cake and frosting preferences.

5. Mothers’ Day Cookies. Take basic sugar cookies and turn them into a Mothers’ Day delicacy. The recipe shown suggests cutting them in heart shapes. You could also use flower cookie cutters, letter cookie cutters (to spell “mom”, “mother” or “Happy Mothers’ Day”), or use a combination thereof. Get creative! If converting measurements out of grams annoys you, you could use the Best Rolled Sugar Cookies recipe instead.


1. Brighten your mom’s tasks that involve writing by making her a few of these cute flower pot pens!

2. Let you mom carry your love with her by making her a personalized tote bag!

3. I LOVE this idea of making a personalized book for your mom. You can adapt it based on what you know she likes and what’s in your heart. You don’t have to stick to the poetry theme either – you could personalize it with reflections, letters, quotes, anything you think your mom would like!

4. Does your mom like to keep fresh flowers in your home? Remind her of how much you love her each time she sees flowers by making this special vase from a Mason Jar and your picture!

5. Is your mom a gardener? Decorate a small flower pot. You could even turn this into an activity on Mother’s Day by planting something together.

6. Make your mom’s reading time extra special by giving her a Mothers’ Day bookmark!

7. Is your mom in the kitchen a lot? Why not give her a special apron that always reminds her that you love her?


These are all the cutsie type. There are plenty of elegant DIY ideas out there too if you’re the scrapbooking type, but I’m not (at least not yet, and I’m too busy to start dabbling in it!)… These ideas don’t require lots of crafting skills and can be put together using materials you probably already have.

1. I Love You to Pieces card – if you have colored paper, glue, a marker and a little yarn or string, you’re good to go!

2. Footprint Mothers’ Day card. This is a great idea to do if you have a really young child you want to participate in making the card. You can do the writing – they can make the footprint angel!

3. Flower Power cards. There are great varieties of Mothers’ Day cards using flowers. Here are few:

4. Looking for something more elegant? Try this heart-flower card.


1. Decorate the house after your mom is in bed so she wakes up to a surprise! If you can’t do it while your mom is sleeping, arrange for her to leave the house for a little while in the morning, and do it then.

2. Make your mom breakfast in bed.

3. Have a special brunch on your porch or in your backyard.

4. Have quality conversation time. Talk about your first memory of your mom, or the quality you love most about her.

5. Make your mom’s favorite dinner/dessert and watch her favorite movie all together.

6. Have a picnic in the park.

7. What’s your mom’s favorite form of recreation? Running? Swimming? Horseback riding? Do it all together for Mothers’ Day!

8. Have a surprise party, or arrange for someone your mom really loves but lives far away to come for the day as a surprise.

9. Ask family and friends to send your mom Mothers’ Day cards as a surprise, or collect quotes from people close to your mom saying what they value in her, and present them to her on Mothers’ Day.

10. Put together a video of family memories and watch it with your mom on Mothers’ Day. And the day after, and after, and after…

Wishing all of you a blessed Mothers’ Day!

UPDATE: I just found these cute free party printables for Mothers’ Day too. Thought I’d share!

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