Inner Unity, Inner Strength

The human spirit begins as a plan in mind, a dream. As we work upon awakening our spirit to the purpose for which it was created, the imagination softens the human self’s previously rigid expression.

The inward journey achieving unity with human consciousness is a path broken open to public awareness.

Possibly the greatest contribution of functional spirituality is that it breaks through the barriers of separation that prevail in the awareness of the ordinary mind.

In fact, breaking down the barriers to expand the mind is an essential function of functional spirituality.

Without the essential function, the spirit cannot be awakened. Mindfulness in functional spirituality is the continual observation of the mind, emotions, and mood as they arise and as they decay.

These are measured responses within a context of observation that addresses consciousness.

Being mindful has been defined as consciousness working in the context of observation. To observe consciousness is to know it, that is, “to be aware,” and then to be mindful of the could be called a moment in the life of awareness.

This is the essential function of spirituality for the reclaiming of one’s spiritual nature.

One could term this an awakening to illuminate the “night of the soul,” and perhaps, the best advice is to “wake up.”

How To Find Inner Strength

The essential function of mindfulness is to define “waking up” to being blissful.

The place to begin is by setting aside a period of time in a safe place where you can relax, remain calm, cleanse the mind, and get centered.

During this time, expenses can be minimized and the attention paid to rid the Almighty’s spirit, which is the light inside yourself.

Where meditation may serve well initially as preparation for the majestic first steps of mindfulness, it is suggested during this period that one concentrate on the breathtaking its first gentle fills.

The first fill may be normal breathing, but during the period of preparation, unallowable anticipating replaces the previous hopeful thinking as the mind goes quiet, allowing opportunity for the overwhelming might of the spirit to be felt.

Allow thoughts to float into the mind flowing through the imagination, playing with any seriousness or seriousness riding on the surface.

As thoughts surface, bring awareness to these thoughts, allowing the full range of emotions to be felt.

What Is The Essence Of Spirituality

Gentle remembrance doesn’t call for intense emotional display. What results is an informing presence of the spirit within the consciousness, which is Awareness.

This is practical spirituality. The mind must be made quiet and at play with what lies within.

No distractions. No time for preparation, no getting caught up in the hows of details. The mix of the moment awakens the awareness of painting the present moment vibrant, radiant, alive.

The senses take flight, judging the moment from a bird’s eye view, and the spirit inside is compelled to creative flourish.

At last, the brightly colored birds enfold and nest in vibrant colors bursting with health.

Numbers become visible in every object’s insight with every step. The harmony of nature’s patterns of occurrence becomes tangible in the present moment.

Accumulated karma is settled on a wipe across the cheek with one swift movement. The philosophy of transient ignorance is washed away, and soon a clear field appears with nothing to remove.

No more clearing. No more collecting. The message is heard, and the world is healed.

The nuisance of the ego is silenced, and the voice of the spirit becomes clear.

Whereabouts, there is silence; consciousness is. As concentration removes all mental noise, the recognition of spiritual truth is complete.

To dissolve the ego and strip it of all its measuring capability, the ability to monitor oneself and project one’s personality is the practice.

By the simple process of knowing your mind, you can begin to investigate the mind and learn what lies beneath.

By learning to trust your feelings, you will gradually find the past and indigenous repressed feelings to the present moment begin to surface.

Trust the process, as each moment of facing the scales present the opportunity for inherent knowledge to the surface. The present moment acts as a conduit to an inner world that reflects the outer.

The Expression Of The Spirit And Its Realisation

The expression of the spirit is realized within the unconscious and becomes visible with the inquiry.

The spirit within you has an unlimited number of channels of expression. The mind can penetrate these channels. The mind can control these channels if you remain unconscious and stagnant.

These channels are the parts of you that have a voice, a consciousness, and a will.

The feelings expressed from these unconscious feelings and authentic will are the display of the spirit.

The face of the spirit reflects our soul’s state, our state of mind, which will eventually manifest into our outer life.

The ego deliberately does not recognize the spiritual self because it fails to recognize the essential spiritual tie-in.

To state itself as the master of the individual mind, it must also state that it is the inferior master. This is its recurring error.