Imagine Your Life When You Trust in the Higher Self

our world is changing in not-so-comfort ways, and we are mostly oblivious to the changes. We basically have the ability to program our minds to ignore external stimuli and live our lives on auto-pilot.

Most people have a wretched tolerance for reality and view it through a morale/escapism measure. We basically escape to Kingdoms’ realm where we conceptually know God, but not from an everyday experience with Him.

Most believers live their lives with a façade, what I’d call a smokescreen, due to the nature of the veneer, and tend to believe the lies that come our way.

We have a lot of liberating data within our awareness, but we don’t reflect it down into our being and allow the Kingdom/Higher Self of God to reveal itself.

If we reflect on the Kingdom/Higher Self of God, our lives will be dramatically changed because we are not endangered by the things that threaten us.

Our limited resources and skillsets do not threaten us. On the contrary, those things that we are really threatened by are the very things we say.

The things that are a natural enemy of our God and Life- Force. If you have Security or Safety as a strong gauge of Divine or Demonic protection, then these are the things that you will feel victimized by in your daily life.

  • People getting angry and confused with wrong motives.
  • Getting into heated up arguments with one another due to misinformation or unreality
  • Traditional whole religions are getting blatantly corrupted into a perverted form while ignoring the real war’s remains (on a mental level) between the spirit and the machine spirit.
  • Power-hungry business leaders are corrupted more by their own insecurity than anything else.

We cannot build in the Kingdom of God until we lose those things of our world that stand in our way of faith.

Finding Inner Peace – What Is Love anyway?

And how do we know if it is Love or if we are being used by Love? Let’s start at the beginning….

  • In the beginning, there was Space, Space Within, and Space Between (Space and Space).
  • One existed as the other, and both existed as Space.
  • And one existed as the other, and both were identical.

What occurred within the space between the two was pure Love. Pure Unconditional, Infinite, Spiritual, individualistic, and free love.

No conditions, no limitations, and no guilt was present. No strings were present, and no deceiving by way of imploding guilt was present.

Here is what was present once you released all the others, which were purely ammunition to your sentient self and fully aligned your conscious mind into your Higher-self.

The result of doing this was that your conscious mind became One with your Higher-self.

This is what atonement means. It means you gave up and became One with your Higher Self, and now can be where you always wanted to be, now.

Separation and conflict were no longer present in your life because you had chosen, with your free will, to become One with your Higher Self; and in that action, you chose to embrace.

Embrace the One Power

Embrace the one power and truly become ONE with it.

Healing took place on a Universal level as the energies involved in their creation were freed up and no longer were able via a free will or choice to be maintained.

As you continue your journey of remembering Who You Authentically Are, you will experience changes in your life. All that you have ever wavered in will come to pass.

You will make choices and decisions which will be fruitful and pay off in kind. You will be cultivated. You will share your inheritance with others and, in doing so, re-affirm your connection to All That Is Again and again.

Remember this… You are never alone.

Never feel alone. You Are not a Singularity. When you find yourself feeling alone, try to remind yourself (as I mentioned earlier) that You Are, In ALL, ONE.

Remind yourself that you are the Creator of your own life.

Your Sacred Inner Being

In this time of the New Energy, your consciousness is being touched. With each atom, each proton, each soul that travels into your being, imagine that you are opening the door to your Sacred Inner Being.


Take time to Breathe. Take time to Let Go. Take time to Relax. Take time to Embrace your God Self and Love your neighbor as yourself, and all your Intrinsyc is falling in place.

Look at all the Spiritual Beings who are out there doing the hard work in their field and ask yourself what do I really want to do?

LOVE YOURSELF and remember forever and never forget: Learning to “Let Go” makes Our lives easier and because of this it is one of the most important lessons I could have taught my clients.

I had to commit this to God and ask for Him to help us through the darkness.

Negative incidents won’t go away because, as positive beings, we cannot remain in this negative state. It is necessary to learn to be positive at every moment.

So knowing this, I intend to love myself and others unconditionally.

Knowing that our intuition is a valid gift. Knowing that each person is unique, and there is no one exactly like her or him.

Everyone has the potential to be compassionate, wise, loving, sensitive, and spiritual. It is a gift we are all born with.

With these insights in your consciousness and intentions in alignment with these insights, you can create a better life for yourself and others.

Through your desire to be positive in all that you do and emotion of gratitude, you will experience this life of Oneness, and you will heal.

Please remember that you should focus on deeds and thoughts that are Loving, Joyful, Kind, Sympathetic, and Generous when possible.

Resemble Integrity, Honesty, Authenticity.

Be Confidential, Centering, and Helpful.

Do nothing to harm yourself or anyone else. Limit your time in the ways and to the places that are most beneficial for you.