Holy Week Day-By-Day with Jesus

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Holy Week Day-By-Day with Jesus (first page pictured above) is a simple activity to help children live Holy Week intentionally. It helps them focus on what Jesus did each day (including Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which are easier to forget about than the days of the Holy Triduum), by matching symbols and events with the proper day. If you child is unfamiliar with some of the events, they can probably figure out the sequence by process of elimination, but can also refer to this explanation of what happened each day during Holy Week to learn more. There is also space under each day for children to write about their own experience that day, such as what they did, what they thought about or what they learned.

Wishing all of you a wonderful remainder of the Lent and a very blessed Holy Week!


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  1. Thanks for sharing – I am so using this. My son is 11 and has outgrown the Holy Week crafts, but this is something that will really engage him. He loves to write and journal and I think this will really help him enter into the Holy Week celebrations this year. I just found you through Catholic Bloggers – God bless your work!

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