Holy Week Activities – Part 2

OK – Here are the activities more geared toward the Sacred Triduum – Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. The last days we have to delve into our Lenten themes before breaking out the joy (and candy?!) of Easter! I don’t know about all of you, but even though these are the most intense days of Lent, they are also the ones hardest for me to stay focused on because Easter is so close and distracting! It’s a good thing that while Lent comes to a close, Easter never truly ends!

Holy Week Activity Ideas Image Part 2

1. Make a “roadmap” to Heaven. We do not have any “directions” to heaven. Jesus tells us that he is the way. Draw a roadmap, and label it with things you can do to follow Jesus, or things Jesus said that teach us what we need to do to be with him in eternity.

2. Go to a garden, preferably one that has trees. Pray there, remembering Jesus’ own Agony in the Garden.

3. Discussion: What do we know about the Father because of Jesus?

4. Writing Prompt: In John 14, Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the “Advocate”. What does this title tell us about the Holy Spirit? Why do you think Jesus chose to use that title at that time?

5. Write a poem or song about the loving each other as the Lord has loved us.

6. Read John, Chapter 17. Pray for all the things Jesus prayed for.

7. Put on a “living stations of the cross” (different family members take on the different characters involved in the stations and act them out while praying the stations), or passion play (based on the passion story).

8. Attend the Stations of the Cross and the Solemn Commemoration of Jesus’ Passion on Good Friday.

9. Pray a Holy Hour on Holy Thursday.  If your Church doesn’t have one scheduled, here is a Holy Hour template you can use.

10. On Holy Saturday, say the rosary together as a family. Sing a few Marian hymns to accompany the Blessed Virgin during this day.

If you want ideas for the first part of Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), take a look at Holy Week Activities – Part 1.

God bless you all, and have a wonderful Holy Week!

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