He Melts My Heart!

My Little Boy

One night, I’m not sure exactly when, someone broke in, took our adorable baby, and left a darling little boy in his place…   The little one… That one, in the bright striped pajamas that he never wants to take off. That one, brimming over with mischief and childish delight. He melts my heart, all day, every day.

A little boy that eats all by himself and chooses foods to mix together – like cookies and yogurt…


A little boy who’s big enough to have his first bike…


A little boy who shows his sense of humor everywhere, even in the middle of the grocery store… Peek-a-boo, Charbel; I see you!


A little boy who can help mommy hang up the laundry, dropping only a sock or two in the process…

Mommy's-Little-Helper!A little boy who knows how to spend time with his baby brother, playing with Legos or simply going around the room… (note: usually, Charbel pushes Paul around in the walker; on this day, they wanted to reverse roles!)



A little boy who sits down to read, or at least look at the pictures…

Story Time

I am so proud of this little boy. I am so proud to be his mommy. I thrill to the soft sound of his voice as he prattles the day away, telling me about his doggie, his outing to the park, the cartoon he wants to watch, or what he wants to eat. I love his tiny “please” and “thank yous,” and never get enough of him asking for a hug.

Finally, when the day is done…when his legs can run no further…  when his stomach can hold no more and his eyelids droop against his will, a tired,tousled head finds its way to bed. Then, for a few brief hours, I have my baby back. I can hold him against my chest again and cradle him in my arms. I can stroke his little cheek, and wonder where the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday, I could feel him inside me, just this morning that I held him – a little newborn. I stay by his bed for a few minutes, cherishing these passing days, savoring the nostalgia of the baby I’ll always love, while falling even more in love with the growing boy I’m so proud to call my son…

We love you, Charbel!

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