Happy Birthday, Paul! We Love You!

You know you live in a household of boys when cars, Legos and airplanes rule your world! We had a lot of fun at the park yesterday celebrating Paul’s birthday (which is really Monday, but we moved it up so we could have a family day). Needless to say, the highlight was playing with the remote control car.


Blowing bubbles, going down the slide and eating cake was fun too!


On a side note, I was very happy too because I finally found the type of butter that works best for frostings and chocolate chip cookies (life’s essentials, you know!). Yes, for those of you that are wondering, there are TYPES of butter (and no – I don’t mean salted or unsalted – it has to do with how soon the butter was pasteurized, and levels of fat content). I never paid attention to it until moving overseas, but now I get really excited when the grocery stocks the type I like best for baking.

Anyway, I can’t believe my “baby” is two! It’s been an incredible two years, filled with lots of laughs and cuddles, and a few tears. We love this little one beyond belief, and are so excited to watch him keep growing and learning. Thank you, God, for our dear little Paul!

It was also the first time in a little while that my husband and I got a picture together. Grateful to God for this wonderful man!

And, finally, while I’m exercising my bragging rights, we’re also so proud of Charbel, who is the best big brother a little boy could have!


Thanking God every day for blessing me with this incredible family!

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