Goodbye, Jordan…Hello, Iraq!

OK – time to break the news. Eddy, Charbel and I just moved, on pretty short notice, from Jordan to Iraq! Hence the silence on the blog for a few days, while we were incredibly busy packing and shipping our things and actually flying out. We have gone from the land of the Ammonites, to ancient Chaldea, the land of Abraham, the land of the first civilization, and possibly even the land where the Garden of Eden once lay.

We are grateful for the year and several months we spent in Jordan. We very much enjoyed the peaceful culture, and the warm welcome the people gave us. We also greatly appreciated the opportunities we had to visit many historical Christian sites, like Mount Nebo, where Moses overlooked the Holy Land, the Dead Sea, and the River Jordan, where Jesus was baptized, as well as other stunning archeological sites, such as Petra and Fort Karak, an ancient fortress that overlooked the plains of Moab, where various Old Testament events took place.

Now, we are looking forward to our time living in Iraq, working for the Church here, and discovering all the adventures it may bring. Pictures and more posts will come soon, as we get settled in!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Jordan…Hello, Iraq!

  1. Oh wow, Ellen! How neat! What a wonderful opportunity to serve God and grow more. I pray you and your family will continue to be a light to those put in your path. Much love and I wish you the best in your new home. – Katie

  2. How is Iraq right now? I hear so many conflicting things — that it’s so much better now that the US is there, and also that it’s in a state of total chaos. Is it relatively safe where you are?

    • Where we are – Northern Iraq – is perfectly safe and has been for years. Some of the conflicting reports come because they refer to different regions in Iraq, which is a large country, even though the media lumps it all together. The unrest and “chaos” often presented is more characteristic of the Sourth, even though, down there, things have been steadily getting better. Whether the role of the U.S. helped or not differs based on political opinion… Many people don’t realize that the UN divided the North from the South a couple of decades ago, so even though it is still “Iraq,” it has a different government, military, infrastructure, etc., is run completely differently, has been safe for years, has not been involved in the Iraq war, and is currently experiencing a lot of growth and foreign investment.

  3. Very interesting information about Iraq. The lamestream media doesn’t do it’s homework or we would have known this a long time ago. I do envy your being able to visit such wonderful sites and pray that your work in Iraq will be very fruitful.

    • Thank you very much, Barb! We definitely count on the prayers! You’re right – there’s a lot going on over that isn’t known in the States or other Western countries because the media has such a narrow focus – e.g. military presence in Bagdad…

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