Free Papal Activity Book!

Keys to the Kingdom

Are you proud to be Catholic? I am! One of the unique parts of the Catholic faith is the leadership of the Holy Father. No – Catholics don’t worship the Pope, and we don’t believe that every word that comes from his mouth is objective truth. We DO believe that the Pope is infallible in matters of faith and morals, and plays a key role in leading the Church through its journey here on earth.

In the midst of all the Valentine’s Day frenzy, don’t forget about the feast of the Chair of St. Peter coming up on February 22! Use Keys to the Kingdom Papal-Themed Activity Pages with your kids to help them practice their writing skills, have fun, and review, or learn for the first time, more about the papacy. ┬áIncluded: writing prompts, St. Peter coat of arms, word search and pope quiz. Click here to download and print.

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